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Archives for March, 2013


Depression, Diabetes, & Diet: Drop One, Add One, Jump Start Your Mood

Although here in New York, we're coping with snow and sleet, spring is in the air.

Is it the season to give your diet a spring clean? If you eat a lot of sugar, especially if you have depression, the answer may be "yes."

People with diabetes  and other blood-sugar issues are at greater risk of depression and nutritionists, doctors and therapists agree: Diabetes and depression "can" co-occur.

Symptoms of diabetes often mimic depression, too.

Clearly, there's...
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The 49 Personality-Types Count-Down (Video)

It was a little example of the Creator's way of making connections.

and I sat down to finalize our plans for bringing you an introduction to a little-known (in the general population), transcendent, but personally relevant countdown towards a richer, more fulfilled understanding of the psyche.

And that's when an old friend contacted us and sent us the link to her husband's latest video.

What's his video about?

The subject of our countdown post!

It's the mystical, spiritual, yet...
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God in Therapy

Gossip, Slander, And Humiliation: A Passover Message

What are you saying?

Another God in Therapy

For a couple of years, here on Therapy Soup, we've touched (lightly) on one of Passover's aspects, that of freedom. (Slavery, Freedom, and The Soul of Addiction; From Slavery to Freedom.)

But according to the mystic sages, the holiday of Passover, which begins this coming Monday night, has many, many layers of connections and meanings—a lifetime would not be...
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Help! My Mom’s A Narcissist. (Resource List)

Yes, fathers can be narcissistic, too. But somehow, narcissistic mothers seem to be often on many therapists' radars.

In The Narcissistic Mother's Game, a daughter shares her experiences (they are chilling) growing up with, well, let's not mince words, a selfish, totally self-referential mother who got pleasure from hurting others.

The comments section shows that she is far from unique.

In fact,many daughters of narcissistic mothers are blogging, writing books, creating web sites and chat rooms—even becoming...
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Poverty, Homelessness, Mental Illness By The Numbers

Though some fearful Americans whisper that the poverty rates are headed towards depression-era levels; experts say the poverty rate is only headed towards 1960's levels—not a comforting fact.

Today, at least 16 percent of Americans are considered to be poor— is nearly 50 million people living at or below poverty level.

However, there is a step or two above poverty level where people are barely able to hang on—and these people are not included...
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Depression And Folic Acid: Let’s Follow Up

What's new with depression treatments?

The numbers remain dismal.

According to a 2003 study, about half of all patients with depression fail to experience a remission while taking anti-depressants.

What about the remaining 50 percent who are finding some relief from medication? Of those, over one third still have significant symptoms.

That's a lot of people who are not finding relief from medication.
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