Photo of BananaJoe from PetsAdviser/

Banana Joe, an adorable Affenpinscher, won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night. The media raved.

We don’t doubt that underneath his champion exterior lies a loving heart.

We can learn a lot about how to live by watching animals.

For example, ants teach us industry. Cats teach us cleanliness. And dogs, even champion Affenpinschers, can teach us some of the basics of loyalty and love.

Jewish mysticism teaches that the word “dog” in Hebrew, Kelev, tells us a lot about the world’s favorite pets. Ke’ means with, and Lev means heart, so a dog’s primary attribute is his loyal and loving heart.

Here are the Top Ten Things You Can Learn About Loving Your Human, From A Dog.

A dog is

10. Always happy to see his human, no matter how the day has gone.

9. Never turns down an opportunity for joyful play.

8. Always appreciates what his human prepares for dinner and never complains. Doesn’t mind eating food that fell on the floor. (And doesn’t care if it’s gourmet or organic ).

7. Loves a good cuddle.

6. Doesn’t care if his human doesn’t sweep under the bed,  complains about taking out the garbage, always forgets  his birthday, or never takes him out to dinner; as long as they’re together, that’s good enough.

5. Each and every morning, he greets the day—and his human—with utter delight. He loves to be alive and his joy is contagious.

4. Doesn’t notice if his human hasn’t brushed his teeth or gargled or if he’s gained a few pounds.

3. Never smokes, does drugs, or gets drunk.

2. Still loves his human, even if he or she makes a mistake.

1. Is always loyal and gives his heart forever. (Never goes looking for another human to love.)

Photo of BananaJoe from PetsAdviser/