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Archives for January, 2013


I.Q. Boosters For Kids-What Works, What Doesn’t

Want a smarter child?

A new meta-analysis (an analysis of several research studies, in this case, 70) seems to show that adding Omega 3 Fish oil to your child's diet, getting them into a good preschool or an early learning program, and doing some one-on-one interactive reading with them can really boost your child's

So, what doesn't work, according to the researchers?

Multi-vitamins and music (!) for starters. (I know plenty of parents who would...
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Baby Your Baby

The last time we posted a cute baby photo, we got a lot of nice feedback; so here are some more cuties.

But, there is a real news story here, and it doesn't need a cute baby photo as an excuse to post.  New information contradicts a lot of confusing childcare advice you might have been getting since the 1970s.

Instead of taking a laid-back approach, get ready for this:

Parents, you should baby your baby!

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Be The Butterfly

A butterfly flaps its wings over the Pacific Ocean and a hurricane develops in the Atlantic. Far-fetched?

Depends on who you ask.

In our previous post, we blogged about Ray Bradbury's famous tale, A Sound of Thunder, from which the term, "the butterfly effect" was coined.

The butterfly effect is the power of a simple action, such as the flapping of a butterfly's wings, to make huge ripples in reality.

In Jewish mysticism,...
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Time Travel & The Butterfly Effect


One of my favorite stories as a child was Ray Bradbury's A Sound of Thunder.

It is the story of time-travel tourism in which a hunter pays an enormous fee to be whisked back in time to hunt dinosaurs, specifically, the heart-stopping T-Rex.

Because the time-travel experts believed that small actions could impact history in unimaginable ways, there were a couple of rules, specified by the lead tour guide, Travis:...
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