A neuro-scientist who’s done research for the Pentagon, Paul MacDonald, PhD, has created an online center on Facebook for veterans, many of whom need some kind of assistance reintegrating back into daily life after their tours of duty.

The site is also an excellent resource for veterans struggling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other mental issues.

Veteran Central is the result of creative problem solving by Paul MacDonald and IT expert Jonathon Lunardi. 

In addition to information about job postings, scholarships, and programs of all kinds, Veteran Central offers comprehensive forums, podcasts, videos, and articles—most of which are created by veterans themselves. Although the site is geared towards all veterans, there are plenty of resources for those with PTSD and TBI, something that Paul MacDonald was made aware of through his research.

Veteran Center also helps veterans navigate the benefits they’re entitled to, as well as access numerous programs and services, including health care (mental health care). The Washington Post, in an article about Veteran Central, sites one program called Give an Hour. Since August, 2011, through the Give an Hour program, 6000 mental health professionals have donated 42,000 hours of service to veterans. If you’re a mental health professional and you are able to donate an hour a week to help veterans and their families, follow this link.

Perhaps the best thing about Veteran Central is that the contributors are largely veterans themselves. They are uniquely qualified to know what they and their fellow veterans need. Veterans are encouraged to join and submit material for publication. If you join, you can access powerful personal videos about mental illness, among many other topics.

Photo Credit: Graphic Illustration, Mindy Campbell, Douglas DeMaio (USA Army Photo)

For more information about PTSD, log onto www.ptsd.va.gov.