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Archives for December, 2011


Is Personality The Secret To Long Life?


I was scanning the headlines for articles about marriage and divorce and came across this little blog post by Christopher Shea at the Wall Street Journal. In it, he talks about psychologist Howard S. Friedman's book The Longevity Project (which he co-authored with psychologist Leslie R. Martin).

The original "Longevity Project" (in case the name sounds familiar to you) is—the study is still ongoing—a research project first created by psychologist Lewis...
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Happy Hanukkah

This week we are hosting some Hanukkah parties for some of our favorite guests with mental illness and/or addiction. We've invited speakers and are plying everyone with potato pancakes and other treats. So far, the response has been tremendous. and I have learned we aren't alone in thinking the Festival of Lights has special significance for those in recovery.

In the spirit of Hanukkah, we'd like to share some insights into the...
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No Dumping Allowed: Dealing With Family Get-Togethers In 3 Steps

As family get-togethers are more frequent this time of year, many people find dealing with difficult, painful or otherwise challenging family relationships, unavoidable.  It is specially hard to cope with family issues and the stress of holidays if you are also coping with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or other mental illnesses.

As those of you who've read Therapy Revolution know, we're big on figuring out what your agenda is. Sure, life doesn't always (or even...
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6 Reasons I Was An Easy Target For A Cult

writes -- Lisa's story continues:

I've been waiting for "Lisa's" and my schedule to sync up and it finally has. Today, Lisa identifies 6 qualities that she feels made her a target for Shire, who recruited her, and a target for the cult in general. (She wants to talk about what went on with Shire and the cult next time).

1. Abusive, Uncaring Parents: Her parents were not supportive of Lisa and in...
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Cult Trap

writes - Lisa's story continues:

Cults (and their leaders, whether hidden or known) need people because people are their life-blood. Without people, there's no cult. Cults need people for their money, for their service, and to increase their size and importance, which gives the cult power.

So in many cults, a lot of the time, training and money are put into recruiting. Shire was the recruiter who first contacted Lisa.
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How I Ended Up In A Cult

writes: Remember Lisa? Here's some more of her story:

Lisa was diagnosed with clinical depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) a few years ago, shortly after she left the cult. She doesn't however feel the cult caused her mental illness, she feels that her mental illness was the reason she ended up in the cult in the first place. She traces the causes directly to her family...
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