Look, I don’t know the whole story, and frankly no one does. And unfortunately there are reports of people taking their revenge by spreading false abuse accusations, which really clouds the issue of abuse in general. We’re not even sure that the accused, Penn State University football coach Jerry Sandusky is guilty, though past police reports suggest it is highly likely.

But the fact that reports indicate that a janitor witnessed some of the abuse and a Penn State graduate student/assistant witnessed the actual rape of a boy and told the coach who apparently covered up the crime — boggles the mind. The fact that the board members and possibly other school officials knew there was at least the report of a serious problem and did nothing is the 21st century definition of shocking. There is simply no excuse.

From the information released, it appears that coach Jerry Sandusky damaged, harmed and traumatized children and his colleagues, who were also in charge of educating children and teens, aided and abetted him.

Fear of losing your job is not an adequate reason for covering up abuse.

Fear of damaging your career is not an adequate reason for covering up abuse.

Fear of retaliation is not an adequate reason for covering up abuse.

If you witness abuse and you are afraid of retaliation, physical or otherwise, go to the police or FBI. Law enforcement could have set up a sting operation to catch Sandusky as he was about to act or they could have easily raided his home—based on what we’re hearing there’s was probably plenty of evidence in Sandusky’s home.

If you were the janitor who witnessed the crime, you could have called the police anonymously. And if you were the graduate assistant who reported the crime to your boss, and saw that nothing was being done, it would have taken only a bit of courage to go above your boss’s head and go to the police.

The fact that one of the victim’s mother’s went to a school official who tried to dissuade her from reporting the abuse is almost unbelievable.

The whole case is totally heartbreaking. If the accusations are true, at least two boys, and possibly many more, have had their entire lives shattered.