There is such a thing as Twitter™ fatigue, or at least “social media” fatigue according to a UK study. Apparently, 25 percent (that’s quite a lot!) of 18-29 year old men and women in this study say their use of Twitter™, Facebook™, and YouTube™ has gone done quite a bit.

Me, well I’m no longer in the 18-29 year old group. And, I’ve always been in agreement with this article which questions whether we are wasting our “cognitive surplus” (I think it means our extra thinking/solving power). Still, I do find myself Tweeting and doing whatever we do on Facebook occasionally. And I enjoy seeing friends’ videos on YouTube™.

I’ve also connected with wonderful people on Facebook, though I know that it many times deserves it’s nickname, “Fakebook”. Remember this oldie but goodie 2007 NY Times article about “The Fakebook Generation?”

What about you? Are you “all Tweeted out?” Are you Facebook-fried? Are your YouTubing days over?

Photo by Gautheron.