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Ear Acupuncture For Stress, Anxiety and Addiction

I get a lot of raised eyebrows when I mention one of the treatment modalities I use. But auricular (ear) acupuncture works. Especially in the treatment of addiction where it is used for detox and relapse prevention.

It isn't very well known because it is not generally reimbursed by insurance, so essentially I (and other practitioners) are performing a free service.

Ear acupuncture complements other therapies, but isn't a main treatment, itself. It is a hard-sell to addiction programs....
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Does Your Therapist “Got The Gift”?

Therapists are, by profession, expert listeners. They mine the spoken word (and gesture and expression) for insight into their patients' minds and hearts.

But this "gift of listening" is actually a technique that must be learned and practiced by most (yes, some do naturally have it). This gift is called "active listening."

*Active listening in therapy, from the patient's perspective, is listening that:

1. encourages

2. paraphrases

3. summarizes

what you say and your therapist observes and hears.

Does your therapist "got...
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Ten Signs You May Be Resistant To Therapy

There could be a few reasons a person is resistant to therapy. It could be a deep, unresolved issue or it could simply be that the therapist you are working with is not right for you.

If you have one or more of these signs, you may be resistant to therapy. It may be a good thing to  talk about these issues with your therapist. If you simply can't because you are too uncomfortable or angry, go ahead...
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How Much Is Therapy Costing You? Poll

We're talking strictly dollars and cents, here. Do you know how much you've already paid for therapy? How much more therapy you'll probably want/need and what the tab will be?

Remember, if your health insurance pays for therapy, there are some hidden and not so hidden costs you may not have thought about.

First, there are co-pays and deductibles which you've probably noticed are on the rise. Second, there is  generally, in the , capitation. That means...
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From Slavery To Freedom

The teachings of the Jewish mystics are full of ripe, spiritual fruit. We learn from them that everything we encounter in life is a teacher; not just a person, but a creature, an event, a tree or a rock, a storm, an overheard conversation, an unusual sight, and so on. All contain messages for the person who encounters them.

We're also taught that each day, month, and year, especially the Jewish holy days, are packed with meaning. Some call this...
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Granny’s Brain

writes: New research shows that environment can strongly influence cognitive function, so much so that incidents of Alzheimer's in the elderly is shown to be linked to limited living space and interactions. I was witness to an amazing transformation in cognitive function-in reverse.

Because of a rancorous divorce, my parents remarried and "started new lives." Translation: They pretended their children from their first marriages didn't exist. Sadly, my paternal grandmother, a elderly widow with whom...
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Bipolar, Sober, and Spiritual: New Film Hero

Following Boruch (Work-in-progress trailer), from Paula Eiselt.

"After battling bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and drug addiction for over thirty years, forty-seven-year-old Boruch Hoffman, a Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn, is sober and eager to live the life he never had. FOLLOWING BORUCH is a feature length documentary that follows Boruch over one year as he strives to find the job and wife he always prayed for but was never able to fulfill." (From the web...
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Leery About Liberal, Conservative Research Findings

Once again, it's time for the latest research on the minds and emotions of Liberals vs. Conservatives.

This time, brain differences are explored. Rick Nauert PhD Senior News Editor at writes: "A new study suggests individuals who call themselves liberals are more likely to have brains that have a larger anterior cingulate cortex while conservatives have larger amygdalas."

(Which came first, the larger anterior cingulate cortex/larger amydala or the political education which...
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Five New Books About Autism

Just in time for Autism Month, here are five new books about Autism Spectrum disorders especially for parents, children, teachers, friends (and everyone else):

1. Parent and Child (and Grandparent, too): Point To Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum, by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser, is a picture book and uses a pointer to "create a breakthrough in reaching children who communicate best through pictures. It was created by a grandmother, Miriam Smith, and mother,...
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Aspergians & Other Misfits with John Elder Robison, Part II

In Part I of Aspergians & Other Misfits, bestselling author John Elder Robison shares his thoughts about his newest book, Be Different. More of our interview with

Both  and I found passages that definitely corresponded to experiences, thoughts or feelings we’ve had. For example, you describe the overwhelming environment of a school dance and how you spent the evening totally absorbed in listening to and staring at the band’s speakers.  You describe...
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