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Bullying Bullies & Their Victims: POLL

CNN Interview With 6 Year Old Bullying Book Author

In the video (see the link above), six year old LaNiyah Bailey and her mom speak about a book they wrote about bullying.

Not Fat Because I Wanna Be tells the story of how LaNiyah endured bullying because she is overweight and how painful her experience was. Her mother describes how her daughter would come home from nursery school each day in tears, because kids called her “fatty pants” and “elephant girl.”

This kind of bullying can increase with age and peak in the teen years or it can die out before then. It can even continue throughout adulthood. The experts agree on one thing–bullying is hard to predict and depends on a variety of factors, including culture. In some cultures bullying is acceptable at all ages–it can bind or divide families and communities, coworkers and organizations.

This isn’t the first time bullying has been in the news. In the past couple years, bullying has definitely grabbed some sensational headlines. But, is the media now just noticing an old problem? Has social media made bullying more visible?

Several states are considering or have already passed legislation regarding bullying in school,  saying some teen suicides are due, at least in part, to bullying. But should government get involved? Can government at any level really solve this problem?

The issue of bullying even has its own dot gov web site.

In all fairness, it seems there have always been bullies and victims. Sometimes the victims grow up and become bullies themselves. Some of them even go into politics. (Joke. Sort of).

Clearly, bullying causes pain, often intense pain. Were you bullied? Were you a bully? How did bullying affect you?

Bullying Bullies & Their Victims: POLL

Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski

Richard Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC is the author of Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better, and Move On Without Wasting Time or Money and is licensed in addiction and psychotherapy with over 25 years experience as well as a consultant to organizations and companies in the fields of mental health and addiction. He is the executive director of an outpatient behavioral health program. Learn more about Richard here.

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