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Archives for October, 2010


Studies Show Conservative Bullies, Liberal Crybabies

We don't like saying "I told you so." Really, we don't. But we did mention the last-minute spate of studies and books  released during each election-cycle that attempt to define - often unflatteringly - the psychological profile of members of each of the two major parties.

Now, just in time for the midterm elections,  an article in Miller-McCune does exactly that.

It features snippets of findings from the...
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Patient Rights

Juan Williams’ Psychiatrist (NPR, Stigma and Bias)

We thought that NPR's firing of Juan Williams would make a stimulating poll topic (which, judging from your voluminous response, it did). At this point over 700 of you have responded to the poll, and many, many more have viewed it.

We hoped that the Therapy Soup Juan Williams poll would become part of a larger, honest discussion about bias, race, freedom of speech, censorship, political correctness, professional ethics and so...
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Should NPR have fired Juan Williams? Weekly Poll

Juan Williams has been a top NPR commentator for a very long time. Up until yesterday, most people, no matter their political leanings, seemed to like him. He's a likeable guy.

Then, this happened. (The clip and the news story explain the whole event in detail).

Although we don't watch--or even own--a television, we occasionally listen to Juan on NPR. One of the things we like about him is that he is...
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God in Therapy

Three Kabbalah Tidbits: Benefits and Insights

1. Unlike some types of meditation, Kabbalistic meditation does not have any of the following aims: To be one with nature, to feel blissed-out, to feel love for everyone, to connect with/be a part of nothingness/emptiness*, or even to lower your blood pressure.
That being said, there are many side-benefits to authentic Kabbalistic-based meditations that would be familiar to most people who meditate: Calmness, clarity, spiritual inspiration, and a renewed sense of purposefulness spring to mind,...
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Health Care Reform and Your Mental Health: Weekly Poll

We've been reading a lot in the press about how the health care bill is changing Americans' health care, but very little about how it is impacting mental health care. (We did see this piece, today).

How about you? Has your mental health care changed due to the health care bill? If so, how? (We thought we would do one poll now and another in a few months as more provisions became active).

Please share your experiences in the comments!

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Self-esteem and Kabbalah Meditation

Is ancient wisdom really relevant today? Perhaps more than ever! It’s intriguing to find ancient texts that explain concepts we think of as recently acquired knowledge.

For example, over 2000 years ago mystical Jewish texts explicitly stated that the world was round. Some earlier and later Kabbalistic (and related) texts contain: discussions about the planet’s poles, a kind of “unified field theory,” an awareness...
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Kenyan Girls Suffer from Rape Trauma

Posts: Living in America it is easy to forget that women and girls in other parts of the world not only don't have general equality but are still viewed as objects, to be used at will.

You may have caught this heartrending headline: 1000 Kenyan Teachers Fired for Raping Girls. Over the past two years the teachers (!) were arrested for raping girls between the ages of 12 and 15....
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