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Archives for August, 2010


Internet, Teens, and Families: Weekly Poll

Yesterday, we had a colleague over to work on a joint project. She brought her 11 year old daughter with her (just shy of qualifying as a teen). She walked in the door, sat down at the computer (after politely asking if she could use it), and sat there for four hours logged onto an online community, busy sharing videos and messages and other interactions that we are too unconnected from the scene to understand.

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New Marriage Study: Race, Ethnicity, Religion, and Prayer

The Washington Post cites a new study from the pages of the Journal of Marriage and Family. It appears that the old saying has never been truer: The couple that prays together, tends to stay together--and it doesn't really matter what your race, religion, or ethnicity is as long as you both share the same religious values, practices and beliefs.

With the United States divorce rates still quite high, it's nice to hear...
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Your (Burning) Questions: Weekly Poll Update

Is addiction a moral failing or a disease?  

Have your dreams changed your life?  

What is the most important factor in choosing a therapist?

These are  some of the Therapy Soup Weekly Poll topics that we chose because we wanted to know what you, dear readers, were thinking.

Now it's your turn. Do you have any weekly poll topics you would like to see posted? You can comment, below, or drop us an email at:
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Sticky Personality? Get Unstuck!

Can you change your personality? According to a new study, your personality in the first grade is a pretty strong predictor of your personality as an adult. The study measured four personality traits--talkativeness (verbal fluency), adaptability (coping well with new situations), impulsiveness, and self-minimizing behavior (being humble to the point of minimizing one's importance) in children in the 1960s and then measured them as adults. They found that the personalities...
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