Poll Number 1

About our first poll

At first, we thought: wouldn’t it be interesting to learn about how we all think about spirituality, religion, and God? And what better way than a readers’ poll?  This idea evolved from comments on this earlier Therapy Soup “God in Therapy” post.

But as we began to write poll questions (and we have over a dozen so far!) about this topic, we realized that there were plenty of other poll topics that might be  fascinating to explore.

We figured we’ll start with the topic of Psych Central and Therapy Soup readers’ belief in God because it’s generated lots of comments (and even more emails.) Also, as a sub-theme, it seems pretty interesting to look at the question: Do the numbers of clients and therapists who read this blog “match up” in their general beliefs about God and therapy?

We hear about disaparities between therapists and patients all the time. But, is this because people tend to only report the (sometimes divisive), disaparities in belief while tending to overlook the cases where belief is similar? (We got so excited about the potential for really learning more that we are trying to figure out how to get a more scientifically viable sample, so if you have any ideas, please contact us)!

Meanwhile, please let us know what you think about God and religion. You will remain anonymous.

About the poll: We’re new at constructing poll questions. We spent some of the weekend reading about how to do so but please remember, this is still our fledgling attempt. You’ll see that there are three primary reader categories:

Mental Health Professionals (anyone who works in the field of mental health).


General Readers

Each of these has four belief options. Yes, we know there are potentially more options! But the first rule of polling is to use categories of answers that most people will understand and relate to — if all the answers are open-ended then there is little chance of finding meaning in the data. So all of you who do not fit into any of these belief areas or reader categories, or if you feel that you fit into more than one category,  please answer “other.”

Also, we welcome your feedback (and suggested poll topics). We are going to run this poll and subsequent polls, for a period of only one week. But don’t worry–we’ll hope to keep posting polls weekly.

Finally, many thanks to John Grohol, PsyD, who answered our endless technical questions.

Thanks so much for participating everyone!
Richard and C.R.