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Friendship, Therapy and Rising from the Gutter to the Stars

I was wandering around some neighbourhood streets recently, when I came across these two cat-friends in the gutter, just hanging out together.

They reminded me of all those sayings about friends being the ones who’ll walk into a place with you when everyone else walks out… That friends are the people who’ll meet you where you are… maybe even share part of the journey ahead with you (even if that happens to be...
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Are You an ‘Expert’? Or Just Overgrown?

This photo was taken several years ago, and it’s always had a haunting quality about it for me. For having taken a stance many decades before, and not having the chance to change its position, this statue is gradually being overgrown. Subsumed. Lost.

It’s like some kind of fable, warning about what can happen if you stand still for too long…

And it reminds me of the many other ways we can perhaps stand too...
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