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Black and White Thinking

You Are Not Your Thoughts: A Personal Philosophy Of Mind

I have a love-hate relationship with one of the major therapies endorsed by psychology today: cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Both as a therapist, and as a client, I know it can work. It can bring fast relief in acute times. So it's a good thing to have in your inner toolbox when you're working with the challenges life can throw you.

In a (very small) nutshell, CBT asks you to question...
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Are You Practicing Perfection? Or Are You A Work In Progress?

What’s your relationship with perfectionism like?

Does it sometimes storm in wielding a red pen?
Does it make it hard for you to even begin things sometimes, knowing that it’s waiting to judge you?
Or have you learned to negotiate with it?

There’s something that’s always struck me as a little strange about perfectionism. It assumes completion – that a thing can be finished. Whole. Over. Done. So in a world where it seems that
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Black and White Thinking

‘Black and White Thinking’: How to Balance these Cognitive Extremes

‘The Truth,’ we’re told, is ‘out there.’


But what if it’s more complex than that?

What if there are multiple truths in our lives? Multiple versions of our stories, many ways of seeing ourselves (and others), myriad points of view, and countless ways of understanding events?

And what if we don’t even have to choose ‘the right one’ among them? 
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