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Surviving Post-Mother’s-Day Blues

Are you over Mother’s Day yet?

And by that I mean, have you recovered from it? Healed again? Found your balance after the stormy emotions it might have rained down on you?

Because for many people this single day in the calendar echoes painfully in their hearts for much, much longer – sometimes days, sometimes weeks. It can unleash all kinds of sadness and despair. Why? There...
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Are You The Land That Time Forgot?

Time does so many things in our lives (or at least our conception of it, and relation to it does).

Some think it 'heals all wounds'.
Or that it’s ‘on their side’.
Or that it moves too quickly.
That it 'conquers all' (as the photo suggests).
That it rules our calendars with appointments and obligations.
That it frames our very lives…

Who knows what this time stuff actually is?..

But one thing it seems to do (at least in our...
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Clearing Internal Clutter: Creating New Peace Within (Part 1)

This photo was taken in a local second-hand bookstore, a huge place crammed with an infinity of books. It seems to have a lot more order to it now, but some years back, the chaos was almost breathtaking.

This particular aisle gives a sense of how most of the shop used to be: perilous piles listing and leaning all over the place, with narrow paths cut through the clutter for the brave at...
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Memories – Are There Any You’d Rather Forget?

I bought a little blue leather-bound photo album at a flea market many years ago. It’s full of someone else’s memories, captured in the black and white of the 1930s. And it offers an imaginative, somewhat eerie experience as you flip through it and wonder at what these memories might have meant to their owner (who is probably long gone).

The first image in the album (above) is of a train wreck…

So what of your own memories?...
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