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Can Diet Diminish Depression? Helping Your Body Help Your Mind

You know the story, an apple a day's supposed to keep the doctor away. But can a healthy diet also help keep depression at bay, too? Some researchers see a connection.

And that's important, because sometimes depression's treated as though it's "all in your head."

As it turns out, it may well be in your body, too.

And, if that's the case for you, then it's worth investigating. So let's take a quick look…

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Healing Your Chronic Pain And Finding Relief (Part 1)

Are you in pain?

Not just the emotional or relational or physiological or existential pain that most of us will feel sometime in our lives. But the purely physical stuff – especially the chronic, ongoing kind that can accompany you for many years.

It can be such a challenge to live with. The constant nagging of your nerves or muscles can really get you down. It can strip your life of joy....
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Holding Hope in Illness and Uncertainty: Light in Dark Times

I attended a workshop on hope* today. It particularly looked at what it means for medical practitioners and counselors to work with hope in light of serious illness and death – and how to support people’s many versions of hope in those spaces.

But hope can be such important territory for all of us to explore, in all sorts of phases of our lives, so I’d like to share some thoughts from...
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