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The Season Of Giving (Yourself A Break)

Yep, it’s that time of year already – again. Welcome to the season that packs so much into itself:

The “silly season”
The season of goodwill
Of giving and receiving
Of remembering or maybe even trying to forget…
Of balancing extra pressure and expectations
Of anniversaries and reflections; joy and pain.

It’s a complicated time of year…

So as you prepare yourself for whatever shades of the seasonal spectrum that you will face this time, maybe it’s work asking:

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Giving Thanks For The Healing Power Of Gratitude

It’s so easy to take things for granted. We almost seem built to do it – wired to see the danger over the delight. To spot the problem floating on a sea of stuff that’s working.

When this happens, all the enriching, joyful, sustaining things in your life – however fleeting they may be just now – get backgrounded. Lost.

Instead, your foreground is filled with the close-up perspective of the things that bring...
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Stopping To See Life’s Little (Big) Moments: Everyday Mindfulness

How easy it can be to let the moments just slip on by. And keep slipping.

Caught in a web of 'more important' things to do, of obligations and responsibilities, you might find yourself at times not quite noticing what's around you. Not quite living out your own life...

Have you ever felt that feeling?

Maybe you're just too busy to notice the countless little impossibilities unfolding all around you. Or under too much pressure worrying about...
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Existential Issues

Finding the Things Worth Living For (and Thanks to Oprah)

Recognize what’s in the photo?
“Brown paper packages tied up with string
These are a few of my favorite things”…
Oprah Winfrey’s a woman who knows a thing or two about favorite things. And over the last 25 years of her inspiring career, she's shared hundreds of them with us.

“I know you shouldn’t love things, but…” is pretty much how Oprah began her final Ultimate Favorite Things show.

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The Small Things in Life and the Psychology of Happiness

I was sipping tea at a café, when this rusted, busted air vent on the wall across the street caught my eye. Or rather, its shadow did. Somehow, with the sun at that angle, it was like the brokenness had wings.

Divinity is in everything,” my companion said.

The rust.
The edges.
The hard places and the soft.

The small things in life that hold the bigness of it all…

Yet how easy it is to gloss over...
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Gratitude, Happiness and 1000 Awesome Things

When was the last time you were thankful? Just think back for a second. Maybe it was only earlier today. Or maybe it’s been a while… maybe it’s hard to actually remember.

And where do you feel it when it’s there? How does your body hold it? What happens inside you when gratitude turns up?

Maybe there’s a kind of glow or a warmth or a lifting of sorts.

However you experience it,
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