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Living Mindfulness And Seeing The Little Things In Life

Close up photo of blades of grass in the sun

All around you, they’re growing, like tiny blades of grass, if only you’ll stoop down to see them. Little moments of living mindfulness.

So come down for a moment, down from the seemingly lofty heights of ambition and theoretical knowledge and social matters. Drop out of the school of thought that teaches you there’s only one right way to be.

Drop down to earth (perhaps literally). Down to just yourself as a living being right here with other moments of aliveness running through you.

And, wherever you are, just be

From down here, you can feel the  distant drum of your faraway heart, suddenly so close.

You can sense the numbing sting of a gust of cold wind.

Or the bloom of warmth across your back as the sun drips its pollen on you.

Or the light in your eyes as it bursts through the trees for a moment.

Afternoon sunlight through the trees in the park

From here, there are sometimes clouds in the puddles on your path.

Clouds and blue sky reflected in a puddle on the ground

Impossibly beautiful nuances everywhere…

This stuff, the small stuff, comes together like stitches knitting the very bones of us. These momentary moments that have nothing else to do but fade away to transience, whether you notice them or not.

These are the things your life is made of. Until it isn’t.
The smallest of the small, and so easy to miss; so easy to live a day, a week, a life, without them.

So how long has it been since you’ve gotten down close to them? Close to this living mindfulness blooming all around us, for even just a moment…



Text and photos copyright: Gabrielle Gawne-Kelnar
Gabrielle Gawne-Kelnar (Grad Dip Counselling & Psychotherapy) is a writer, blogger and Sydney psychotherapist in private practice at One Life Counselling & Psychotherapy. Gabrielle also facilitates telephone support groups for people who are living with cancer, for their carers, and for people who have been bereaved through a cancer experience. She provides regular therapeutic updates on facebook and Twitter @OneLifeTherapy.
Living Mindfulness And Seeing The Little Things In Life

Gabrielle Gawne-Kelnar

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