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Archives for December, 2010


Gratitude, Happiness and 1000 Awesome Things

When was the last time you were thankful? Just think back for a second. Maybe it was only earlier today. Or maybe it’s been a while… maybe it’s hard to actually remember.

And where do you feel it when it’s there? How does your body hold it? What happens inside you when gratitude turns up?

Maybe there’s a kind of glow or a warmth or a lifting of sorts.

However you experience it,
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Talkin’ Bout a Resolution (Not a Punishment)

Do you tend to make resolutions for the new year? Or do you just let the year unravel as it will?

Either way, then what happens?

For if you take a step back and look at what happens next, there might be important patterns in the way you make promises to yourself (or not) and how you go about trying to fulfill them (or not). And who you see yourself as accordingly.

Anecdotally, apparently many...
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Reading from the Book of 2010: Your Life Lessons

In the rush to the end of the year, it can be tempting to spend a lot of time looking forward:

Forward to all the festivities
Forward to a well-earned break
Forward to the new year and a chance to kind of ‘start again.’

Yet there’s also value in looking back, too.

For sometimes in looking back and taking stock, you can more clearly see the paths you’ve travelled – and get a sense of who you’re...
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Coping with the Festive Season: Tips from Clients (Part 2)

Coping with the holiday season isn't always easy at the best of times. But if you've had a hard year - a time of upheaval or illness or loss - it can be a real challenge.

In Part 1 of this post, we looked at some ideas which people felt helped them get through the darker undercurrents of the festive season. Here are some more of their tips.

Maybe they'll spark some ideas that could...
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Coping with the Festive Season: Tips from Clients (Part 1)

As the end of the year rolls around, it can seem like the carols are fairly chasing you around town, many of them insisting that this is ‘the season to be jolly’.

But it is not always so.

For whatever you might celebrate at this time of year, there are also some deeper seasonal undercurrents which may draw you down into a darker, more difficult space. Sorrow or pain may also be part of...
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“Dreamstorming”: Making Time to Imagine Your Life Anew

I’ve found a quiet, dimly lit corner, hidden away from the world right at the back of a café. When I came in here, I was only looking for a break and a cup of tea. Yet I stumbled upon something else entirely. Inspiration…

For emblazoned across the back wall is a quote:
“Go confidently
in the direction
of your dreams.

Live the life
you have imagined.”

– Henry David Thoreau
This handful...
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Finding Your “Me Cure” and Healing the Hurt

This photo captures one of those weird, inexplicable moments of synchronicity.
At the time it was taken, I was actually in my own therapy, feeling particularly lost and hurt, and trying to find a way back out of those dark places.

I remember I was on a bus on the way home, wrestling (again) with the same old stuff.

I recall asking myself:
"What do I need to get through this?"
And then...
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What Colour is Your Sadness? Sensing New Shades of the Blues

If sadness is in your life, it’s often a painful thing to be around. It aches. It tends to follow you. Or it wants to be carried. It usually whispers the painful stories over and over again so you keep remembering them (and re-living them anew).

So it seems natural to want a break from sadness every now and then. To want it to leave you alone for a while. To wish you didn’t...
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Therapy: the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to facilitate an 'in conversation' event with Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick, as we explored the idea of seeking the sacred in life, and what that might look like.

On the way there, I spotted these words on a menu board in a restaurant garden:
“Enjoy the Beauty Inside”
I’m sure it meant the beauty inside the restaurant, but it seemed a really apt thing to see just before...
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