Adolescence can be a particularly awkward stage for anyone.  But today’s adolescents face new pressures as a result of advances in technology and easier access to the media.  With a decrease in protective factors including a demise in family and community relationships and an increase in risk factors including the media barrage, advent of cyber bulling, and easy access to cigarettes, drugs, and weapons, contemporary society is becoming an increasingly more dangerous place for adolescents (LeCroy & Daley, 2001).

During adolescence, teens look to their friends for advice, acceptance, and a social outlet.  Female adolescents are affected in different ways when compared to males.  Females tend to develop same sexed friendships which are characterized by a greater degree of emotionality such as intimacy, validation and self-disclosure.  ‘Break-ups’ between female friends can be devastating and leave girls feeling vulnerable because girls can be vindictive, defacing each other with the personal information previously gained through self-disclosure.

Girls often look to external sources, such as the media, for validation and information concerning their role within society.  Girls need gender specific education because there are unique tasks that adolescent girls must master in order to transition successfully to adulthood.

To help promote the healthy psychological development of early adolescent girls in our contemporary society, this four-part blog series will discuss issues facing today’s female teens and will provide tips to help girls learn the skills they need to successfully meet societal demands.  Teens will benefit from this blog series because the information will help them gain a better sense of how they feel about themselves and their friends.  The blog series will also provide discussion points for parents to use with their daughters.

The following topics will be discussed:

Part I: Establishing an Acceptable Body Image

Part II: Developing a Positive Self Image

Part III: Developing Satisfying Peer Relationships

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