Urban Balance Ads v1 to Vistaprint_Page_2“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”  ~Maya Angelou

I believe we are all dealt a different hand of hardships and blessings in life.  We have lessons to learn and must play our hands wisely.  In my practice, I have seen people squander great blessings and overcome great adversity.  We all unconsciously recreate what is familiar until we choose something better.  Success involves becoming conscious and choosing a path that leads to growth and development of ourselves and all whom we touch.

After nearly 20 years of counseling professionals and over 10 years of being an entrepreneur and business owner, I have identified certain wellness principles that are essential aspects of success.  These principles are quickly summarized in the following slideshow presentation, which I have facilitated for Fortune 500 companies, business organizations and therapists for continuing education:
Many of these concepts will be familiar to you, but I hope the compilation of them will benefit your career and personal journey. I believe that if we all work on ourselves (psychologically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually,) we will grow personally, enrich our families, strengthen our communities and evolve as a global society.