Have an anxious child? Most anxious children suffer from a vicious cycle of worry as seen below. If you’re a parent of an anxious child, you know that reassurance, love, compassion, and even empathy often fall flat when it comes to assuaging the worry. If this sounds familiar, please join me on April 14th @ 1pm EDT (New York) for a one-hour free webinar packed full of practical tools to help your anxious child. Seats are limited, grab your spot here.

Here are some of the topics we will cover:

1. The worry cycle. We will cover breaking this cycle at both the points of thoughts and beliefs. Find out the specific steps on the webinar.

The Worry Cycle

2. When reassurance fails… Find out what to do when no amount of reassurance helps your anxious child. If you’re constantly saying, “It’s OK” or “Trust me, I promise you’ll be fine,” you’re not alone. Reassurance is a common knee-jerk parenting response. It comes from love and compassion for your child. It’s also highly ineffective when it comes to help your child alleviate their anxiety. Find out what to do instead during the webinar.

Reassuring an Anxious Child

3. Looping thoughts. If your child has the same thoughts circling their mind like a broken record player, you’re going to learn how to stop those thoughts in their tracks during the webinar.


4. Avoidance. What can you do when your child avoids the things that are causing their anxiety–including school and social events? What can you do when you as a parent feel like avoiding these things just to get a break from dealing with your child’s chronic worry? Find out during the webinar.

Avoid Anxious Situations

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Join me, Renee Jain, and hundreds of others to learn 9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try live this Thursday, April 14th @ 1pm EDT (New York) for full one-hour packed with actionable information. This webinar is totally free of charge, but the spots are limited. Parents, educators, and professionals are welcome. Grab your spot here.