Child Abuse

Why They Stay

My next door neighbor of fourteen years did something a week ago that astounded me, surprised me, and made me more proud of her than I have ever been. She found the courage and strength within herself to leave her abusive husband.


Playing Favorites

It’s something a lot of parents do, but don’t like to admit it. I’m guilty of it, my friends are guilty of it, and some of the best moms and dads I know are guilty of it. Guilty of favoring one of their children over the others at some point during their childhood.

Child Abuse

The Importance of Journaling

I got my very first journal when I was a freshman in high school. My creative writing teacher stopped me after class one day and gave me a simple, red, spiral bound notebook with the simple instruction that I could write about whatever I wanted without fear of retribution or punishment for anything that I happened to jot down. I didn’t trust her at first, thinking immediately it was a trap to get me to tell the truth about my abusive home, and I tried to give her the notebook back, but she refused and said that out of all of the students in her class, I needed this the most.


Why I Cheated

My mother was a “loose” woman, which is the nicest way I can put it if I am forced to use a kind term to describe her adulterous ways. A year didn’t go by during my childhood where Mom didn’t have a new “boy-toy” who she snuck around with behind my stepfather’s back.


Craving That Rush

I am an adrenaline junkie. I am constantly on the lookout for the next, new, exciting thing that pushes me to a limit I have never experienced before and challenges me in ways I never imagined. The scarier or risker the adventure, the more I salivate and the more I focus on conquering whatever is thrown my way.


Dads and Daughters

It must be amazing to be a little girl and have a strong father figure that loves you more than anything on this planet. A father who shows you how a lady should be treated, a father who defends you from anything and anyone who may hurt you, and a father who thinks you are his little princess. 


Disrespectful Teenagers

I have to wonder if every generation has wondered to themselves, “What in the world is wrong with teenagers today?” If every generation has shaken their heads and wondered how in the world these kids today will be able to take care of them and run the country when we are too old to do it anymore. 


It’s Not A Diet

Anorexia isn’t a diet, although many people seem to think it is.  Anorexia is something girls do to try and look skinny like the models in those fashion magazines, right?  Oh, that’s not it?