Child Abuse

Who Said Yes?

When I was 17 years old, I was signed with a small modeling agency in the Midwest area. I hadn’t been looking for modeling opportunities; I didn’t attend a modeling competition or send my pictures into agencies looking for representation.  I was “discovered” while shopping in a mall by myself one afternoon.

Child Abuse

Criticism Is Hard To Handle

Criticism is a hard thing to hear, even if the person giving the criticism is doing so with the best intentions.  It’s very difficult to hear that we messed up, made a mistake, or that maybe our best effort just wasn’t quite enough.  It may hurt your feelings to hear that someone doesn’t like your outfit or they criticize the way your hair looks after you spent hours prepping in the mirror. Criticism hurts, but many people have the ability to accept it and move on with their day. They have the ability to not let a small critique of their work or a comment about their hair completely destroy them on the inside. 

Child Abuse

Things You Can’t Control

I hide in the corner of my bathroom every single time I brush my teeth.
It sounds crazy right? What an odd thing to do; physically move away from the sink the moment the toothbrush hits your mouth and seek out the nearest corner to stand in while you scrub away.  It seems like something fairly easy to stop doing if you really wanted to; I mean, how hard is it to just stay in front of the sink while you brush your teeth every day?

Child Abuse

Adult Orphans

Some of us grow up in the best of circumstances; and some of us grow up in the worst of circumstances.  Some of you reading this have the best mothers and fathers you can imagine.  They are there for you through thick and thin,...

Child Abuse

Do You Need Help?

When life becomes too burdensome, when home and work responsibilities become too much, and when you feel as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders; what do you do? Maybe you ask your spouse or family members to help you with the laundry or the cooking, or you ask your boss or coworkers for a hand when the pile in your inbox begins to overflow and spill over the sides.   You ask for help because you realize that no one can do everything on their own. You ask for help because you accept that you need it and you are willing to take it.

Child Abuse

Finding Peace

It’s extremely easy to be bitter when you feel as though your life was negatively shaped by events in your past; events that you had no control over, yet seem to affect your everyday life even years after the fact.  You cling onto bad memories and refuse to let them go, you put walls up refusing to let other people into your life, and you put on a strong front to everyone, thinking that your show of strength will make people believe that you have moved on and put your past behind you.  You will lie to yourself and everyone around you when in reality, you truly haven’t moved beyond your past and it still very much affects your present.

Child Abuse

Abandonment Issues

I used to believe that every single person in my life would leave me at some point. Sometimes it’s because I have given them no choice but to leave, and other times, they leave for reasons I can’t even comprehend.

back to school

When Your Teacher Is a Bully

It’s back to school time and while a majority of the kids entering school this fall are excited about the upcoming year and excited to see their friends and favorite teachers again, there is also a large group of children whose stomachs are forming ulcers as you read this in anticipation of what they have to endure for the next nine months.