I was a bully…

I bullied a girl once.  I was in the fifth grade, her name was Denise and she was an easy target for me.  Awkward, quiet, and unable to stand up for herself; Denise became my target for almost two months every time I would come to school angry and I was looking to lash out at someone.  I teased her, I pulled her hair, I called her names and one horrible day, I balled my hand into a fist, got right into her face and threatened to knock her teeth out.


Why Us?

When I was a small child, I used to get very angry at God for the life I was living. I didn’t understand why I had to be born to a woman who hated me so much and who seemed to get off on physically and mentally abusing me.

Child Abuse

My Mother The Narcissist

I used to never think of my mother as having an actual mental condition. I would always just refer to her and her behavior towards me and everyone else in her life as crazy, evil, or just plain nuts. But after I wrote my bestselling book, Why Me, I got a lot of emails from people with mothers like mine; selfish, self-centered, vain women who really shouldn’t have had a child in the first place.


Starving for Control

Anorexia isn’t a diet, although many people seem to think it is.  Anorexia is something girls do to try and look skinny like the models in those fashion magazines, right?  Oh, that’s not it?  Well, then those girls who are anorexic must want attention, it’s just a phase and it will pass, right?  Wrong.  Anorexia is an eating disorder; not a synonym for “thin”, or “skinny bitch”.

I have anorexia and I’m not embarrassed to admit...

Child Abuse

Hostages to our Fear

I stand behind a podium looking out into an empty auditorium that will soon be filled with young students and their teachers. My stomach is in knots, my heart is racing and I’m nervously thumbing through my notes and making last minute changes to my speech. Self-defeating thoughts race through my head:

Child Abuse

Our Journey Begins

Our Journey Begins

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Our journey together begins now.  Maybe some of you reading this are on step one of your journey, some of you may be a bit luckier and be on step eight hundred. ...


Welcome to Strength Over Adversity

I can't imagine anything more traumatic than growing up in an abusive household. I know this from talking to many people over the years about such horrific experiences. Children, who usually have nobody else in the world to turn to, abused by one or both of their parents (or some other family member) are our most vulnerable people. They often don't have the coping skills or access to resources that adults even have.

But in...