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Are You “Thin-Skinned”?

Some people can take criticism like a champ and they use criticism as a learning tool to improve themselves at home or on the job. They have an easy time laughing at themselves when the joke is at their expense and it is rare to see them get upset about anything negative that seems to come their way. 

One thought on “Are You “Thin-Skinned”?

  • May 27, 2017 at 3:19 am

    I’m HSP with a nice little attachment, gift from pop, PTSD.
    I used to be neuroses on speed, and lived a long time that way before the dastardly deed was exposed more or less by accident.
    A lot of my PTSD emotional rehab was about reconfiguring my thinking , and how I could adjust to a brave new world, though the snag as usual was my hypersensitivity.
    Been known to wince like I’ve been shot when an unkind word , or unintentional slight hits home, and then came enlightenment…This is NOT a curse, its a GIFT.
    Its the ability to perceive nuances, effects and probabilities in life way beyond the restrictions applicable to other people.
    So first things first was to realise, that a lot of flak , wasn’t, it was other peoples limitations, and the frequent ‘Your too sensitive” epithet, was actually reinforcing my ability to perceive, beyond what they could.
    So I learned patience, not only with them , but myself, I mean fundamentally if they don’t get my sensitive acuity , they’re not actually striking what they think they are aiming for, their operation ceiling is only dialled into what they can perceive and feel and thats nowhere near the levels that you or I or any other HSP can.
    Some people may read this as elitist, er no, its the expression of a natural gift, much in the same way as any other acumen
    No one questions success in the business world or the bawdy ephemera of the modern media.
    Introversion and sensitivity clamours for its own place in the sun, its own authenticity.
    But apparently we can’t be having any of that in a fake news extraverts world.
    Oh yes we can, and we HSP’s can make a real difference.


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