Child Abuse

Chip on My Shoulder

One of the hardest things I deal with in my life is my “ability” to hold onto grudges against people who have wronged me. I’m not one of those people who will take a few days or even a couple of months to get over a situation where I feel hurt.  To my own detriment, I am one of those people who find it absolutely impossible to forgive and forget.

negative personality

Why So Negative?

Do you have a “Debbie Downer” or a “Negative Nancy” in your life? A person who seems to have the uncanny ability to cast a dark cloud of negativity onto any occasion or gathering they may be at?  I’m sure you do, it seems...

Child Abuse

Facing Your Pain

So who are you dreading seeing this holiday season? What person in your family are you going to be forced to be around, eat with, and even spend money on even though you really don’t want to?  Is it a cousin that upset you because they forgot to wish you a happy birthday that makes your stomach turn? 

Child Abuse

Quiet Anger

I find it extremely difficult to verbalize my feelings when I am angry about something or when I am angry at someone. Difficult meaning I physically cannot make words come out of my mouth when I’m asked “What’s wrong?” or “Why do you look upset?” I open my mouth and try to answer and although my brain is racing at the speed of light, it refuses to let the thoughts coursing through it escape my lips.

Child Abuse

Holidays With A Narcissist Parent

I grew up with one – a narcissist mother who never was satisfied with anything and expected the impossible from everyone.  The holiday season that was supposed to be filled with family get-together’s and love instead turns into a competition over who bought the...