About the Stigma Rebellion & Tess Crawley

Dr. Tess CrawleyDr. Tess Crawley is an Australian clinical and forensic psychologist. She was born in Launceston, Tasmania, and is the proud descendent of convicts and farming free settlers. Her family also has a long history of business in Launceston. After living in various locations around Australia, Tess returned to study psychology at the University of Tasmania.

After several psychologist roles, including working as a psychologist in the prison system, Tess established Dr Tess Crawley & Associates in Hobart in 2009. She has built the practice over the past few years to include a second office in Launceston, as well as rural outreach programs including along the entire East Coast of Tasmania. She is the Director and Principal of Dr Tess Crawley & Associates, Hobart Perinatal Psychology, and Rural Psychology Tasmania.

As you can imagine, that makes her one busy working mum! In addition to seeing perinatal clients, Tess has a strong interest in supporting executives as they juggle the balance between leadership and new parenthood. Tess is also passionate about mentoring new and experienced psychologists, especially those in supervisory and leadership roles.

In addition to blog posts on PsychCentral, you’ll see Tess regularly speaking on her Facebook pages and her YouTube channel. Her mission is to provide as many free resources to the community as she can, so her videos and blog posts offer tips and strategies that might be helpful to you. And not that you’d ever guess, but before becoming a Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Tess was an actress and worked in the music industry.

In her spare time, Tess loves to travel with her family and secretly aspires to indulge her passion for photography and writing. She also is a strong supporter of the arts, with artworks by a number of Tasmanian artists hanging from the walls of her clinics in Hobart and Launceston.

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