How A Scarcity Mindset Can Affect Your Business Etiquette

Over the past decade or two there has been a move away from the stereotyped “cut-throat” attitudes in business. Instead, business owners work hard to present as trustworthy, authentic, and worthy of your support. In turn, they hope to earn brand loyalty, staff loyalty, and trust within both their professional and consumer communities. Along with this behaviour reform, there has been a growth in the number of self-development books for leaders and business owners, many of them focusing on mindset.

What is Mindset?

“Mindset” has become something of a recent buzzword, especially since the publication of Carole Dweck’s landmark


Let’s Talk About Suicide

It is almost two months since the world was shocked by the suicides of designer Kate Spade and gourmand Anthony Bourdain. Their deaths highlighted for many just how little we know about what lies below the surface for those in the public eye, whose lives are so often labeled with words like "perfect" and "success".

With their deaths came a spate of media coverage discussing suicide and the importance of asking for help. And the importance of watching out for, and listening to, those around us who might not be travelling so well.


So, You Think You’re a Mindreader?

One of the key failings of human nature is that we tend to believe everything we think. This is despite our unique capacity to question our own thinking.

We all have a running commentary going on inside our minds; that quiet chitty-chitty chat-chat in the background, like a radio in another room. We tune it out but on and on it goes. Some of it benign ("we need milk"), some of it positive ("what a great day!"), and some of it decidedly negative ("you left your phone at home, you idiot!").

The interesting thing is, we also believe on some level that we have the ability to read minds.  


The Power of Mel Robbins

Some of you may already know this, but I live in Australia. It's a long, long way from America. Around 15 hours' flying time, to be exact, not counting the connecting flights at either end, depending on your starting point and your final destination.

But recently I put thoughts of distance and inconvenience out of my mind and did something that, on the surface, looks completely impulsive and irrational.

I flew to Las Vegas for a three-hour meet up. Seriously. 


Mothers Day Ghosts

It is Mothers Day here in Australia. I awoke to warm arms sliding around my neck, soft kisses on my forehead, and a whispered "Happy Mothers Day, Mummy". My children are now just old enough to make me breakfast in bed, and I enjoy their enthusiasm for doing it even more than the tea and toast that results. Becoming a mother has given me a sense of purpose and direction. My husband and I are co-pilots in our parenting journey. Some of it thrilling, some of it terrifying, all of it rewarding.

But for so many people Mothers Day is something to dread. It may be yet another reminder of a fractured relationship with your own mother. Or it may be salt in the wound of your childlessness, or an insult to your choice to be so. You may be grieving the loss of a parent, or the loss of a child. It may be an annual reminder of that ticking biological clock that just won't slow down.


Captain Sensible Is Not One Of The Avengers! But Your Inner Wisdom Might Be.

Can you imagine, if Captain Sensible was one of the Avengers? Spiderman would be swinging from lamp-post to lamp-post, with Captain Sensible running along behind yelling "Get down from there, you'll hurt yourself!". Or Iron Man would be preparing to don his suit, and Captain Sensible would yell "Get away from that, it's dangerous!"

How often do you feel like you have to be Captain Sensible, over-riding your own hopes, dreams, and needs? How often do you hear yourself saying "I can't"? What seemingly sensible excuses do you use? Time? Money? Family? Judgement from others?

You know it takes courage to stand up to others, but how often have you considered the courage it takes to stand up to yourself? Sometimes we make assumptions that stop us from changing because change is hard. Change is dangerous. Right? Those assumptions are supposed to keep us safe. Or sometimes we make assumptions that stop us from acting because we can't trust that something bad won't happen.


What Is Manifesting? And Can It Really Bring You “Anything You Want”?

Let's face it, these days I'm a cynic. I have made an art of raising one eyebrow (took years of practice) while simultaneously peering over the top of my glasses. This look is delivered whenever I hit sceptic overload and can't maintain my poker face.

I blame my psychology training.

The psychology profession makes a big noise about being a science. We are taught to conduct our therapy from within a "scientist-practitioner model". This means using evidence-based treatments, and gathering evidence from our clients to assess whether what we are doing is actually working. We need to keep one eye on the research and the other on the effectiveness of what we do. This has become ingrained when it comes to my methods for treating my clients.

However I haven't always been this way.


How To Find Quiet Confidence From Within: Overcoming Fear of Criticism and Disapproval

The work I do in my professional life runs along two parallel streams. Firstly, I work therapeutically with perinatal clients, mostly mums and bubs. These clients are struggling with their transition to parenthood and all the anxiety that this stirs up. Through their work with me and my colleagues they learn to trust their instincts, they learn to trust their baby's cues, and through this process their confidence grows. I absolutely LOVE watching that happen. Secondly, I work as a mentor to mental health professionals as they transition into leadership roles. Again, my work in this regard is to help build confidence in their own clinical instincts, their own clinical leadership ability, and their ability to inspire others in our profession. Watching their confidence blossom is so rewarding, and in honour of that my mentoring program is called Quiet Confidence. I love this work so much.
Can You Be A Confident Introvert?
Given that so much of my work is around building confidence in others, you'd be forgiven for thinking I might be incredibly self-assured and confident, right? Nope. I'm basically an introvert, I worry about disappointing others, about being called out as an impostor, and being "wrong". But to promote my work and reach my clientele I need to be active on social media. This includes regularly publishing my thoughts on various topics and sharing some personal experiences in the hope they'll inspire or help others. I face the possibility of criticism when I do this. In quiet moments it terrifies me. And yet I continue to put myself out there. How?