When Your Child is Struggling With Anxiety

When we think of anxiety we tend to imagine adults, typically ones with a stressful work environment or in difficult life situations. Many people assume that children and adolescents do not really face anxiety and their complaints are just imaginary. Nothing could be further from the truth. The world around us and the pace of life are changing rapidly and many children and adolescents have very real anxiety problems. Actually, anxiety disorder is one of the most common health issues facing adolescents. Can spirituality be a tool to help children overcome anxiety?

Spiritual Practices and Rituals

What Holotropic Means for you

Holotropic probably sounds like an odd word to you. This term was coined by Stan Grof, a leading Psychiatrist in the field of spiritual psychology , otherwise referred to as transpersonal psychology.It combines breathing exercises with drums and artwork. All of which are often used in traditional psychology as positive coping skills and therapeutic approaches.

It was the theory of Grof that the transpersonal/spiritual realm is not a fantasy realm caused by drugs or delusions, it was something normally not accessible to people with a typical consciousness. Grof believed that we can work to access this and it is not only therapeutic, but it enables a person to truly dive deeper into their own psyche, into the levels of our personality being influenced by spirituality and faith.

Spiritual Attitudes

Quit Anxiety Cold-Turkey for Thanksgiving

The season of sharing and gratitude is upon us. A time of eating turkey, pumpkin pie and the extremely healthy egg-nog (healthy for your taste buds). We sit with family and enjoy quality time with our loved ones.

No anxiety here, right? WRONG

Let us talk about that and dive into some exercises using our spirituality to help you quit anxiety cold-turkey for Thanksgiving.

Spiritual Attitudes

Why Did God Give Me This Hardship

Why did God give me this hardship? Why in this game of life was I given such hard tests? Am I being punished? Why me?! WHY? WHY? WHY?

Some of you may recognize these as internal questions you secretly ask yourself. When the traumatic event occurred that has now resulted in PTSD, perhaps you said, "Why am I being put through this, did I do something wrong?"

As the depression or anxiety grew in intensity, perhaps you asked, "Why did God give ME this test?"

Our sense of self-worth can nosedive when this is the perspective we take during trials in life. A blame-game of sorts to find an explanation.


6 Ways to Use Spiritual Psychology to Heal Addictions

Spiritual psychology can provide a missing piece to the puzzle in a treatment plan to help heal addiction. Addictions can range from drugs and alcohol to shopping and video games as well as many others. Addictions are not limited to physical things we consume, such as...

Spiritual Attitudes

Filling the Spiritual Void with Sex, Money and Intoxicants

That void within, reaching out for something to fill it. Darkness and questions surrounding it, perhaps it can be filled with partying? Intoxicants? Money? Sex? Career?

Those don't seem to work, the void is still present, unable to see it yet it is felt. Many try to ignore it and go about their days, not paying attention to that subconscious alarm. A lingering dark hole that sits nestled within our soul waiting for light to shine upon it and fill it with spirituality. Too many of us experience this without realizing it might be our inner self, our most true self, crying out for the embrace of our spirituality and faith.

Spiritual Attitudes

Grateful Perspectives Impact Happiness and Spirituality

As November approaches, we are entering a month where we focus on gratitude and giving thanks to those around us. A time of embracing family and being nostalgic. Gratitude is very much a spiritual benefit that enhances our mood, allows us to take account of our blessings as well as enables us to see hardships as lessons. This type of perspective encourages positivity and a greater quality of life. Our perspective is our reality. A grateful perspective is one that helps us on our path of spiritual awakening and appreciation.

Spiritual Practices and Rituals

Power of Prayer

Prayers are a special time when we let go, submit ourselves to our faith and bow down in worship (literally and figuratively). In these acts of submission and calmness, our emotions are set free and the power of prayer impacts us. Prayer is a blessing, a coping skill, a form of meditation, therapeutic, a comfort blanket and most importantly; an act of worship.
God does not need our prayers, rather WE NEED prayer.


Welcome to Spirituality and Mental Health

Welcome to Spirituality and Mental Health! I, Monique Hassan, am the writer behind the veil and I happily welcome you. Sit back, relax and put your feet up. Let’s explore the intersection of Spirituality and Mental Health.

What is Spiritual Psychology

Essentially, spiritual psychology refers to the integration of modern psychology alongside faith. It acknowledges the influence of our soul/spirit on our emotions and behaviors.  Simply put, an integration of the social sciences with spiritual ideologies. This also includes incorporating faith as a part of the healing process.