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How to Awaken Spiritually

As the new year is upon us, many people are making resolutions for personal growth and seeking a better quality of life. Now is a great time to focus yourself on what really matters the most, an authentic understanding and expression of your inner truth and spirituality.  Simply put, walking your path to awaken spiritually.

Maybe you have resolutions related to losing weight, career ambitions or being more charitable. Whatever your goals, if you heighten your spiritual awareness it will positively impact them and only serve to help you achieve them.

Many of the struggles and imbalances we face throughout our lives arise from a lack of connectivity between our internal truth and our external reality. Aligning these two parts of our life brings greater harmony, balance and peace. For those struggling with anxiety or depression, your spirituality is not the only variable you need to work on but it is definitely one you cannot ignore. If you heal your heart, which is the center of your spirituality, it will help you heal and strengthen other areas of your life.


To begin with, make the intention to grow deeper with your spirituality and really connect. Think about it, internalize it and be aware that God (or whatever form of spirituality/light you seek) is aware of what you want. Talk to God/The Light without holding back, reach out and ask for guidance.


Knowledge is power and it expands your understanding. Set aside time to read or watch lectures related to your choice of faith.  The seeking of truth requires internal searching as well as external, it is a balance.

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You don’t need to do the same thing every time, that will become boring and complacent. Mix it up, one day you might listen to a podcast and the next read a chapter in a book.


Unplug (yes even your phone), quiet all distractions around you and be still. Take slow deep breaths, counting to 4 as you go up then to 4 as you go down. I usually count to 4 during a few breaths then I simply focus on my breathing keeping it regular without counting. Visualize light around you and let it give you comfort and safety.

If you want to feel that divine inspiration and light within you, you must learn to be still and let go of what is around you. This is the time to pray or meditate then remain where you are. Don’t jump up after praying, stay and listen to your heart.

Muslims often use prayer mats so they have a clean location for worship, no matter what faith you are it acts like a mental trigger to prepare for stillness and worship if you pick a specific area of your home or utilize a specific prayer/meditation rug for only this purpose.

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Identify toxic people and actions in your life that are pulling you away from your  light. Then get rid of them. Taking the action to remove spiritually harmful aspects will free you up internally. Think of it like cleaning house, it is time to clean your heart. In doing so you will notice your psychological well-being improves.

If a specific person in your life makes you feel horrible, walk away from that darkness. If a specific activity is addictive for you and makes you ignore what is most important, then consider that activity a test. You pass the test by getting rid of it and that difficult action will boost your confidence and strength. You might be surprised how many people fill their spiritual void with sex, money, intoxicants or other activities that pull them away from awakening spiritually.


If your faith has made you judgmental, mean or arrogant , then I must tell you a hard truth. That is not God-consciousness but rather it is the opposite. You are growing closer to something dark and harmful.

We all have a choice to make, we can feed the light within us or feed the darkness. This does not mean your faith choice is wrong or that you need to find a new religion, it means that you might have been influenced wrongly to practice it in a negative way. Which really means you aren’t following the faith correctly and that brings us back around to #2 above, study.

Your spirituality and faith should make your heart shine, increase your love for others and elevate your gratitude. When you look at a tree, take a second to really gaze and put your hand on the tree trunk. Be mindful in that moment. Return the smile to a little girl running past you. Show respect to the person next to you on the bus even if they appear to be from a different lifestyle choice than yours. In appreciating the beauty and majesty of what and who is around us, we grow in our love and appreciation of the one whom created it all. The goal is to open your heart and heal it with divine love and light, not close it off and judge others.


Listen to your heart when its calling for you, (I know it is a song lyric from the band Heart) but I am serious. We all have internal instincts or gut feelings, many of us Mothers talk about the Motherly instinct. Listen to your internal cues, often we find that our gut instincts have some truth to them.

Your internal and your external need to align for perfect harmony and that cannot happen if you ignore your heart.

Final Thoughts

Your faith walk is your own and it is different for every one of us. If you starting working on these steps, you will find what works best for you and discover new ways to express your inner truth.

Let me know what actions help you grow closer to your inner truth.

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How to Awaken Spiritually

Monique Hassan

Monique Hassan is a freelance writer specializing in spiritual psychology. She has a passion for integrating spirituality within the framework of modern psychology. She also works as a patient advocate at an inpatient behavioral health facility and volunteers at interfaith workshops. She has a bachelors of science in psychology with a minor in biology and is certified in crisis prevention and intervention.

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