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6 Signs Your Heart is Diseased

Your heart is a reference to your soul/spirit, a place of emotional , spiritual and intellectual understanding. Like a super sensory organ that is linked to metaphysical truths. Often we tell people that we love them from the bottom of our heart or go so far as to say they are our hearts. We are referencing that deep emotional and spiritual feeling inside of us.

If our hearts are linked to our spiritual wellness, then we have to wonder how to keep them healthy versus unhealthy. As much effort as we put into physical fitness and health, we must also recognize our spiritual health and how this impacts our perspective on the world.

Three Types of Hearts

The first type is a healthy heart full of light, love and gratitude. This heart does not doubt itself or its purpose. This beautiful heart submits to faith and purity. The person with this healthy heart lives a more positive life, they are content and can see the beauty in things that others take for granted.

The sick heart is struggling. Sure, it has some light and the person wants to do good, but they struggle against their own inner darkness frequently. Shadows exist within this heart that enjoy creating doubt and uncertainty.

The diseased heart is dark. This person feels little to no remorse for evil actions, they reject love and instead prefer to wallow in pain or anger. These hearts are blind and deaf to the truth around them. The person with a diseased heart is dying spiritually and cannot find happiness.

Struggling for a Healthy Heart

Many of us will struggle between a healthy or a sick heart. Our spirituality is not usually constant rather it has ups and downs. One’s faith will face struggles and tests, this is normal, what truly matters is how we react to those tests. If you feel a struggle for that heart of light and love , that is actually a great sign.  A diseased heart no longer wants to fight back against darkness, rather it enjoys it.

A pure heart open to the light will be filled with the very essence of truth


6 Signs of a Healthy Heart

  • Feeling remorse and guilt over a hurtful action or sin
  • Feeling remorse and unhappiness when seeing someone else in pain
  • Looking more to the big picture and universe around us instead of only focusing on themselves individually
  • Actively trying to make the community around them a better place
  • Engaging in their own faith activities on a regular basis
  • Feeling gratitude for their blessings and hardships

6 Signs of a Diseased Heart

  • No regret over sinful and harmful actions
  • Feeling uncomfortable around people that exude positivity
  • A dislike for the truth
  • A lot of doubt and uncertainty about their purpose
  • Finding enjoyment out of hurting others and committing sins
  • Focusing more on trivial activities instead of what really matters

How to Heal Your Heart

If you want to take steps forward in healing your heart’s wellbeing, you can begin with prayer and/or meditation. Take time to think about your intentions and why you want to improve your spirituality. Ask for help in prayer and find strength falling upon your faith.

Be mindful of how you treat others, this includes your speech. If you speak or act harshly , it will impact your own heart and leave a stain.  If you actively try to speak in a kind way and do charitable actions for others it will benefit yourself and bring more light into your heart. Helping others helps yourself.

Learn to keep things in moderation. If you enjoy watching movies and television that is fine, but if you begin to overindulge and you are not interacting enough with real life it will hurt you. Even your eating habits should be kept in moderation and healthy.

Choose an action from your faith that gives you a boost . For example, a Catholic might want to make communion more regular in her life , a Buddhist may decide to meditate every morning or a Muslim  may choose to fast every Monday and Thursday. Find an action within your own faith or spirituality that helps to heal your heart.

Final Thoughts

Their is a candle in your heart waiting to be lit, but that light can be extinguished and turn into smoke. Take time to fuel the light of faith and embrace the warmth.

6 Signs Your Heart is Diseased

Monique Hassan

Monique Hassan is a freelance writer specializing in spiritual psychology. She has a passion for integrating spirituality within the framework of modern psychology. She also works as a patient advocate at an inpatient behavioral health facility and volunteers at interfaith workshops. She has a bachelors of science in psychology with a minor in biology and is certified in crisis prevention and intervention.

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