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Grateful for Dirty Laundry

Rarely is someone happy about doing the dishes, having to work late or doing the laundry, but we can take a moment to consider the blessing in these tasks and feel grateful. Having a grateful attitude is more positive for our mental, spiritual and overall health.

What is Gratitude

Gratitude is a spiritual and mental health benefit that makes us appreciate our blessings and even appreciate our trials. It lets us see our everyday items and responsibilities as reminders of the quality of life we have, which can be taken away in a moment. It is more than a simply thank you said quickly, it is truly feeling thankful to God, to the world around us, to our parents and our coworkers. Gratitude aligns with positivity and will enhance our perspective on our life.

All things good and bad, everyday and boring, simple or hard; they serve some purpose. If we choose to be grateful for everyday items, this will cause us to gradually increase our levels of gratitude and self-awareness. Overtime this would grow into other areas of our life.

It is through gratitude for the present moment, that the spiritual dimension of life opens up” -Eckhart Tolle-

Gratefulness for the Everyday

In these everyday tasks we become so accustomed and ritualized into doing them that they lose all of their joy. I am not saying we should love washing dishes, but we should take a moment even if just 60 seconds to feel grateful for WHY we are washing those dishes. It means you had food to put on the table and maybe you never went hungry your entire life.

Doing the dishes with running, clean water is a blessing we all take for granted way too casually. This is a basic necessity for human survival, it is crucial to our very life and many of us have it in abundance. to do list photo

Some companies have annual employee picnics or some type of large convention. Attending an employee event denotes something awesome, it means you have a job.

Laundry, laundry , laundry. One of those tasks that makes it to our to-do list seemingly right after we complete it. Next time you do the laundry, take a quick moment to feel grateful for the nice clothes and the working washer, appreciate that everyday task.

Increase Gratitude for Increased Happiness

We will find greater happiness in our lives if we consciously try to be more grateful for all we have. Small, consistent steps like remembering to feel gratitude for doing the laundry will grow and foster more gratitude throughout our entire day not just that moment.


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Grateful for Dirty Laundry

Monique Hassan

Monique Hassan is a freelance writer specializing in spiritual psychology. She has a passion for integrating spirituality within the framework of modern psychology. She also works as a patient advocate at an inpatient behavioral health facility and volunteers at interfaith workshops. She has a bachelors of science in psychology with a minor in biology and is certified in crisis prevention and intervention.

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