We are seeing red hearts and chocolates at the stores, Valentines Day is coming and people are preparing. Aside from the sugar and teddy bears, the focus of this coming day is something so spiritual it impacts us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually…it is LOVE.

Love is a deep connection that can override our more core instinct, survival. Think of a Mother and her child in a survival situation, she would give her life to protect her child. That is unending love.

mother kid photo

Instead of focusing on physical gifts, here are some positive gifts from the heart you can start giving today to your loved ones.

4 Gifts of Love

1.    Listen to them. Take the time to look at them, listen, acknowledge and try to empathize. Listen to understand not to respond. Talk a little less and listen a lot more.  

2.    Show them forgiveness. No matter how much we love someone, we are all human. We will have disagreements. Let go of what doesn’t matter, speak your emotions in a non-blaming way and forgive.  forgive photo

3.    Tell and show them your love. Don’t assume they know how much you love them, even if they know it, show it to them. Tell your spouse and kids you love them every time you leave the house. Do small gestures to show love and affection such as making their favorite breakfast.

hold hands photo

4.    Say thank you. We often take for granted the blessings in our lives because we are so accustomed to them. Not everyone has someone that loves them and hugs them every day. Say thank you when they do something nice for you, show gratitude.

 The simplest things often mean so much and cost us so little.