Sometimes, I wish I didn't have feelings. That I could just sail through life without any. They can be so painful, you see: The feeling of hating to go to school because you're being bullied. The feeling when you've given your heart to someone,...


The Homeless

While visiting Florida recently, I had some interaction with soup kitchens for the homeless and with homeless people.

The soup kitchens very generously provide a hot meal and some human interaction to the homeless and those on a low income. The church folk who volunteer...


Herbs which Combat Anxiety

Herbs can be very beneficial for depression and anxiety, as well as other mental disorders, when taken regularly. The pharmaceutical industry has grown enormously in the last hundred years, at the expense of more traditional treatments. However, many are now realising that the old ways still have a lot going for them. An advantage of herbal remedies is that they generally have far fewer side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs. They are also non-addictive substances in nature, which can't be said for many pharmaceuticals.   What kind of herbs are beneficial then?


How Can We Stop Anger?!

This is a topic that is of great importance to many. There are positive kinds of anger which can be healthy and beneficial, depending on the context, but anger is frequently negative and destructive in nature, and it's this kind of anger that we're...


Motivation for Life!

One of the difficulties when you're home alone a lot of the time is motivating yourself to be productive.

It's a tough task.

Being around people a lot is highly motivating, as you get enormous stimulus from human interaction. It creates positive stress, which agitates...



Isolation is a relief,
But it's also a curse,
The curse of my life

Spending years in bed,
Away from the evil,
But also away from the love,
Of those who can cure me

My bed is like a magnet,
A constant attraction,
Pulling me back to it,
Whenever I'm away

Thoughts, the same old...