This blog will discuss issues related to Social Anxiety, and to mental health in general, from the perspective of someone who has been suffering acutely for years.

I will opine on how we treat those in need in our society, and on the consequences of our policy choices. A different angle. A caring viewpoint.

I will also provide an insight into the difficulties sufferers of social anxiety in particular go through, and then discuss the best treatment options available.

It’s a blog about the issues surrounding social anxiety, and mental health in general.

Personal Bio

I’m a British male in my early forties. I have been suffering from extreme social anxiety and phobia for many years. Been mostly housebound for around a decade. However I am now succeeding in turning my life around, by putting into practice the techniques I have learned.

I have lived in several countries around the world, and have seen how various healthcare systems treat people with mental health issues.

I have had an interest in mental health issues for many years, and have extensive experience of dealing with mentally ill people. I believe I have a lot of value to offer my readers.

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