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We must fight, fight, fight to make a success of our lives!

Life is like a war. And in it there are many battles to be won and lost.

It’s easy to get down when things aren’t going your way. Believe me, I’ve had quite a lot of suffering. And life has beaten me on many occasions in the last twenty years. Children, marriages and jobs lost.

There have been many times when I almost gave in. I spent years going through various periods of depression, on and off. But I never quite gave up. I persevered and struggled on until things got better for me. And that is very important. We must struggle on, no matter what life throws at us. 

Battling away does not mean that we should hate things and people. Not at all. For me it means enduring. Life is full of difficulty and challenges. Although these are troublesome and stressful at the time, in the long run, they are our teachers and they help our souls to develop.

It’s a positive attribute to be able to tolerate and endure adverse conditions, and it is particularly useful, as difficult situations are rather common in life. Therefore, it’s good for us if we can develop and cultivate this skill.
Patience is very useful in this regard. It’s good to condition our minds not to be overly restless and impatient for something better, when we’re in a difficult position in life. Get advice and start to take positive action instead.

Perseverance is something I have long struggled with. I have given up many many times. I was the absolute king of the quitters. I got addicted to the feeling once I had quit something, be it a job, a running race or a project. It’s a dreadful habit, and one which is so difficult to break, once you’ve got into that way of thinking.

It’s destroyed the last fifteen years of my life. I couldn’t hold onto a job, so I lost my marriage. And everything else I embarked upon, such as businesses, never endured.

I therefore now understand how important it is to never give up. Not with anything. If you do give up, it’s like a disease which spreads. Get into that mentality of never quitting, and you will be rewarded for life.

Lots of things are hard in life, but we have to battle through, unless persevering with something is the wrong thing to do of course. Be strong, show your spirit, and you will get there.

We all have the spirit to battle away against adversity within us, although sometimes it might be well hidden. We must bring it to the fore, and use it to the full. 

Let’s fight, fight and fight some more to make a success of our lives!
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We must fight, fight, fight to make a success of our lives!

John Hammond

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