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My Little Helper: Addiction and Social Anxiety

Many of us have a vice. Something we turn to and use as a crutch when we’re feeling low and need a friend.

Life is so stressful for most people that it’s understandable if we need a little something to help us get through the days.

But problems arise when we begin to rely on our little crutches too much: When they interfere with daily life, relationships or work.

Then they’re less of a little treat, and more of an unhealthy addiction. I know, I have a slightly addictive personality, and have had a few addictions in my life. They are an unhealthy outlet for frustration and anxiety.

img_0380.jpgAnd loners with social anxiety or phobia can have particular problems with addiction. We frequently lack the healthy relationships that most people have and which could help us to cope with life. Lots of time spent alone leads to boredom. And when you have too much time on your hands, you look for things to do and only too frequently, we turn to unhealthy habits.

As we all know, alcohol is one of the most common vices. Cigarettes, porn, and gambling are some others.

I have my drinking night once each week. I don’t mind doing this, but if it turned into every couple of days, I’d be concerned. I feel like I need something to get me through life. Something to look forward to.

When I’m having a drink, I feel like all my problems have gone away for a few hours. I can just listen to loud music and it’s as if I’m in another world. Call it escapism if you like, and I guess it is, but it’s my time, when I’m protected from the evils of mankind. Nothing can get to me then.

But when occasional, reasonably harmless behaviours become things that control your life, these are addictions. They have control over you, rather than the other way round. You might start to prioritise your addictions, at the expense of family, work, and more wholesome pursuits.

I’ve been addicted to cigarettes, as well as pornography.  Addictions are low-vibration behaviour patterns, and they can do us all sorts of harm. Of course, they also damage the people around us.

When we consider perhaps the most negative forms of addiction, such as drug addiction, these are evil. They have a hold on those addicted and cause them to do things they would never do under normal circumstances.

I believe that when we abuse alcohol or drugs, weaknesses can appear in our energy fields (auras), which can in turn lead to demonic entities entering, and they can definitely play a role in the downward spiral of many of the afflicted.

Addiction is hardly ever a good thing. We can have things we enjoy doing, but we must never allow ourselves to become dependent, to an an unhealthy degree.

We need to be constantly vigilant and be honest with ourselves. If we feel ourselves slipping into addictive behaviour patterns, we must pull back, restrain ourselves, and even seek out professional help.

I shall be having my weekly drinking session tonight. But I refuse to let my drinking become a problem for me. I’ve been addicted to things before, and I know what can happen. I’m not willing to go there again. Let’s all be vigilant.

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My Little Helper: Addiction and Social Anxiety

John Hammond

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