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How to Motivate yourself when Working from Home!

How do you motivate yourself when you’re working from home? When you’re struggling to get yourself going to work hard and consistently, what are the best methods you can employ to change things.

When you go to work in an office or wherever, and work with other people, it isn’t a problem, as you have the stimulation of being around others for much of the day. They provide the positive and negative stress which spurs you into action.

But if you work from home, due to social anxiety or any other reason, you don’t have that luxury. You’re constantly alone, and if you’re not careful, it’s very easy for lethargy and sloth and torpor to set in. Motivation can be a big problem. 

It’s easy to stay in bed that bit longer, put off getting dressed and start work later than you normally would. Minutes of laziness can turn into hours, then days can turn into weeks, if you’re not careful.

I have suffered from this disease of lethargy you see, and I’m familiar with this topic. I’ve been out of the workforce for around 15 years, so this lethargy has had a long long time to set in with me. And now it is a big job to begin working again from home. 

I have though now made significant progress in overcoming this obstacle, and I believe I can now advise on how best to deal with it, if this is an issue for you.


If you’re working from home, you really have to be disciplined and strong-minded. You need to have a work schedule and stick to it. Decide on your work hours and keep to them every day.

Get dressed. You don’t have to put on a suit and tie, but don’t spend all day in your boxers either! When you get washed and dressed, it helps to put you in that work mentality.

Don’t work in bed either, as this will put you in a lazy frame of mind. You might even fall asleep. Try to do all, or at least much, of your work at a table, maybe in the living room. This will put you in the correct mindset to be professional.

Radio can be our friend when we’re working from home. It gives you some company and stimulation, and helps to keep you going through the long hours. I also listen to podcasts, and especially classical music. Music is great, as it lets you concentrate on what you’re doing. It can also help to block out any background noise, from other members of the household or whatever.

At home there are lots of distractions, like television, your pets and family, food in the fridge and so on. But we have to be mentally strong, just ignore these things, and keep going with the task at hand.

If productivity is a problem for you, I would recommend getting an accountability partner. Someone who is in a similar situation to you. You can call or meet this person once or twice a week, and discuss each other’s progress.

But my biggest piece of advice would be to just make sure you’re being productive every moment of the day. The momentum will quickly build and it will soon become a habit, being constantly busy. Stay focused everyone!

If you have any other suggestions, please do let me know!

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How to Motivate yourself when Working from Home!

John Hammond

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