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Hatred is so powerful, and such a strong and primitive emotion to feel. So sharp and cutting. It even makes you feel good to hate, just for a moment. All the resentment which has built up just turns into hatred towards someone or something.

But it’s an evil emotion, and it can even lead you to violence. It’s perhaps the most negative emotion there is.

It’s easy to hate others when you feel they’re being annoying or mean to you. It’s a lazy emotion. It’s harder to work through these emotions, and attempt to understand why someone’s acting the way they are. It’s more challenging to feel more complex and positive emotions towards difficult people. It requires a higher level of thinking. 

Sometimes I think that human beings are evil. And there’s no doubt, many can be. The world is full of evil acts perpetrated by humans. But, there is also lots of goodness, lots of acts of human kindness out there. It’s just that we need to cut out the evil from the world, or at least reduce it massively.

For me, one of the worst kinds of evil is unkindness to our fellow man, also known as bullying. I’ve been affected a lot by this. People seem to enjoy being evil. Making fun of those with some kind of deficiency. I have several deficiencies, and this has led to me being subject to lots of bullying during my lifetime. I’ve therefore had years to think about all the emotions involved.

And it did cause me to hate. For a long time, I hated some people. How they were towards me anyway. I hated the meanness. It brought up such strong emotions in me. I just wanted to die every time I was being made fun of.

I would think the people bullying me must be evil, to make me feel bad on purpose. People enjoy being cruel to one another. It increases their confidence and makes them feel better about themselves, to the detriment of the other person.

But is it wrong to hate?

Yes, I believe it is. I’ve learned this over the years. If you hate, you’re only harming yourself you see, as well as the world in general. Karma is very real, and negative emotions will come back to bite you, especially if you wish harm on others.

So I stopped hating and started loving more. I realised that this was a much better way to be, and it would improve my karma as well. You can dislike things that people do, but try to learn to love the person. Then you’ll be helping them and yourself at the same time. You’ll be bringing more good energy into the world too, which is what we all need.

Try to understand why people are acting in such a way. The reasons behind why they are behaving like that. If you’re feeling hatred, this is a major failing on your account. Work through your feelings and learn to love. It’s fine to dislike people’s actions, but don’t hate the person.

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John Hammond

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