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Lose any Negative People you have in your Life!

Negative people bring you down. They can often criticise, upset, even bully and demean you. Just make you feel bad. We can all have negative energy at times, but some people do more than others. Some of us are like this most of the time. These are negative people and they can be toxic.

If you’re working on a project and have an idea, they will give you all the reasons why you can’t do it, putting all in your head.

On the other hand, those folks with good, happy, positive energy around them transfer that energy to you, if you let them. This can make you feel so much better, if you use it well. It’s like a breath of warm, fresh, air. A ray of the most beautiful spring sunlight.

My dad has always been a negative person towards me. He can be very loving, but any idea I’ve ever had has been criticised by him. He’s always putting me down and criticising me, making me feel worthless. This has always given me a massive lack of confidence, and made our relationship a bit antagonistic at times.

One of the problems can be at work, where you might not physically be able to avoid negative types. However you can still try to smile and ignore them, bouncing off any negative vibes! No need to be rude, but just be strong enough to deflect any negativity. Be confident in your own abilities and mental fortitude, knowing that you’re in the right and that you’re thinking of you’re mental health.

Also avoid mean, bullying types of folk. They thrive off putting others down. It seems to make them happy even, and increases their self-esteem at the expense of yours. This is very common. It makes them look good to others. But you feel terrible. So just stay away from these kinds of people.

How can Negativity Affect you?

Personally speaking, as I mentioned above, negativity takes away all my confidence and makes me feel more worried and anxious. Also makes relationships more difficult. If you find yourself surrounded by negativity over a sustained period of time, it can engrain itself deep into your psyche and change your life. It can turn you into a more negative person and then worsen your life prospects into the bargain. You might become less likely to embark on new projects and to then succeed in carrying them out, I believe.

I believe that it’s best to be positive in life. According to the Law of Attraction, if you are positive and upbeat, you’re more likely to be successful and be happy.

Your mood can also have an effect on illness. It affects the cells in our bodies. When you have an illness, such as cancer for example, you have a greater chance of getting better if you’re happy and positive in your outlook. On the other hand, if you’re sad and worried all the time, the opposite holds true. Emotions are an extremely powerful thing. One study by researchers at Yale University found that a positive approach to life can increase your longevity by as much as seven years.

So my advice is to just be positive in life, and to completely avoid negativity and negative people altogether, or as much as is feasible, anyway. Don’t be rude and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings but gently distance yourself from any negative people you have in your life. Try to surround yourself with brightness and positivity.

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Many thanks! John

Lose any Negative People you have in your Life!

John Hammond

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