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My Most Embarrassing Situations Ever!

My Top 5 Embarrassing Moments. I have had lots of embarrassing experiences over the years, caused by my social anxiety. Most of these were highly stressful at the time, but the source of some amusement in later years. I would do some peculiar things, as I was so scared and my emotions were extremely intense.

So, here are five of my most memorable experiences:)

5. This one happened just a couple of summers ago. I’d bought a large inflatable dinghy to go out to sea on, as I love the solitude of being out there on my own. Mum and I went down to the south coast, to a place called Littlehampton. It was a hot day.

Anyway, I got my boat, inflated it and got it into the sea without too much difficulty. Had a great couple of hours floating around, but I went a bit too far out. Some locals got concerned and called the lifeboat out. They sped over to me but I was fine.

The problem was when I got back to land. You see, I’d drifted further than I thought from the town. Around 5 miles in fact. Seems hard to imagine, I know, but from the sea it only seemed as if I’d drifted a little to the right! The nightmare was just beginning however!

I had to let the air out of the boat, then carry it to the road and onwards to my mother’s car. But she was 5 miles away, which I didn’t realise at first. I hauled the boat for a mile until I gave up, utterly exhausted. I dumped it at the roadside, ran a few miles, and then my mum picked me up.

We then drove round looking for where I’d left the boat. We finally found it, and I had to carry it another 1/2 mile to get it back to the car. Nightmare finally over!!

4. Next, as a kid, I would play snooker at my local club with my dad and brother. Had a few stressful times there, and would quite often leave early after an argument. Once though, I was so hot that I decided to take my shoes and socks off. Slightly odd I know. Was wandering around the table in my bare feet!

3. The pub incident in East Manchester. My dad, brother and I had gone for a drink at a pub near my brother’s house. We were watching football I think. Anyway, I got very upset and embarrassed as I often would, and just decided to walk out and leave. They were driving round searching for me for hours, in the middle of the night. Feel bad about disappearing now, but I was ill.

2. Now, another experience would be when my dad, brother and I got tickets for a Man Utd soccer match. It was the first game we had all gone to for years and years, so we were all looking forward to it.

We went early so we could find somewhere to park. However, and it’s still a bad memory, I felt as if I was being victimised and bullied by my dad and brother. The frustration, embarrassment and rage built up in me to such an extent that I just got out and disappeared! I ran and then walked off into the night. And it was nighttime, in a rough neighbourhood with football fans everywhere.

Well, I just walked home. Must have been miles and miles. Eventually, I got through to my mum, who came and picked me up, but it was still a hell of a night.

1. My worst experience was undoubtedly when I was jeered out of work once. My social phobia had caused me great problems during my 2 years as an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan. I suffered a lot there, as I was a loner, and had a difficult relationship with the other teachers.

Anyway, I put in for a transfer to another school, and soon it was my last day working there. 
Everyone else knew it was my last day, and two of the other teachers made fun of me as I finished my final class, laughing behind my back. I was almost chased out. Was the most embarrassing, humiliating experience of my life. Felt like crying, as they were so unkind, but I was so relieved to leave that school.

The school I moved to was far more positive. Got on with the other teachers better there. But it took me a long time to get over that nightmare at the first school. It left enormous emotional scars. Had flashbacks for years.

Anyway, those are just some of the more memorable incidents from my social anxiety-ridden past. These incidents, however bad they may have been at the time, in retropect, all helped me to grow and learn emotionally, and I’m consequently much healthier today.

Everyone has embarrassing stuff happen to them I guess. It just seems that my experiences were worse than everyone else’s.
What about you guys! Tell me about your embarrassing experiences from the past!

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My Most Embarrassing Situations Ever!

John Hammond

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