Go to meetings. Don’t pick up a drink. Keep out of bars. Call someone. Those are the things we’ve all heard ad infinitum since we quit drinking and started to work on our sobriety. Do those will keep us standing up, away from booze and out of jail.

There are some lesser-known tactics of the sober lifestyle. Some are simple, others crazy and a few downright weird. But none are as bad as some of the shenanigans we pulled when drinking.

Here are 8:

Go the Long Way to Work

One day you’re sober and driving to work. You pass the bar that used to be your home away from home. A few blocks late is the bar you drank in during lunch. Several blocks later are the bar you visited for the post-work happy hour.

Take the long way to work. See new things. Change your path. Need some help knowing when you’re coming near a bar and should take a detour? There’s an app for that.

Flick Your Forehead

Is a drink calling you? Flick your forehead.  This little trick will train your addiction-addled brain to link thought of bad behavior with pain. You can start to tear down the idea that it feels good to drink — get nauseous — and yell at people. So it’s similar to using a rubber band, but you don’t always have one of those around.

Sing. Very Loud

Even if you can’t sing well, sing loud.

Crank up the Clarkson and let people know that you can breathe for the first time since you’re not drinking anymore. Singing releases endorphins and teaches your body to recognize behaviors. Music also changes our thought patterns faster than other types of therapy. The more you connect music to your new found sober life, the better.

Get Blood Injection Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) relates to a specimen of blood plasma that has up to four times the normal number of platelets. The treatment boosts the body’s natural ability to heal. Until very recently, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy was used — and known — almost exclusively by professional athletes. Today PRP therapies are available to everyone.

Dance Naked Before Getting in the Shower

Get the blood pumping. Take just a minute to be free, silly and happy — best done if alone. We alcoholics tend to connect being alone with bad things. Being alone and dancing can move our brains away from the thought that if we’re alone, we’re miserable.

Eat Dessert for Breakfast

It’s all about changing the way you do things. Your body has already been through a war, so ice cream for breakfast https://ru.pinterest.com/explore/breakfast-dessert/— or bacon for dinner — won’t kill you. This may make everything else you do seem like fun also. What about inviting friends over, after work, for bacon and eggs!

Compose a (Nice) Poem About Someone You Hate

If you hate Carla, you could kill her. But you’d go to jail. Write a poem instead. Build a list of everything Carla has going for her and focus your poem on those qualities. Don’t you believe Carla has even one thing good? Guess what? Everyone has at least three positive things on which to focus.

Tell a Joke to the Cashier at Target

Any idea how it must be to work at Target? Make someone’s life better. The next time that cashier is checking your purchases, tell a joke. Even if they don’t smile — so what. You tried.