Sober? Good. Want to get sober? That’s better. But first, think about a detox for your body.

These tips are useful. They’ll help put you on the road to recovery for those times you went out with friends and stayed too long and drank too much.

Keep in mind if you’ve been drinking for a long time and are thinking about getting sober, then detoxification is a must. For that kind of detox, your first stop should be checking into a medically appropriate facility for a few days.

For those other occasions, there are 6 things you can do to detox quickly — and almost painlessly.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It helps fight damage and oxidation, the very things that trigger premature aging. A defense here is outstanding. To detox, consume plenty of foods rich in Vitamin C. Don’t rely on supplements; real food supplies top level nutrition as well as giving you other vitamins the body needs.


Drinking plenty of water helps in washing away toxins and waste. A step further is green tea, a great option to plain water. Green tea is, like Vitamin C, filled with antioxidants — that stuff that fights aging. Green tea has comes loaded with catechins, things that speed up the body’s metabolism and helps speed the fat burning process. If the taste of Green Tea doesn’t do it for you, spice it up with a little lemon — yes, more vitamin C

Try Organic

A huge part of the toxins we pump into our body are the pesticides used to grow the produce we eat. We need to find a way to keep eating fresh produce while limiting the unwanted toxins. Organic produce is a wise move. If all organic’ is not a possibility, then try to choose wisely so as to maximize your nutrition while limiting exposure to poisons.


Probiotics are the good — aka ‘healthy’ — bacteria that have already taken up residence in the guy. They keep the immune system healthy as they improve digestion. Since we often consume overly processed foods our natural levels of probiotics decline.  When the ‘good guys’ start to disappear, they are replaced with harmful bacteria which places us in a high-risk category. Since the immune system is weakened, we’re also more at risk for toxin overload.

The problem is easy to fix. Take a good quality probiotic, once a day, to replenish the good bacteria and push your health to top shape.


After a hard day at work, there’s not much that’s better than relaxing in a sauna. Sessions in the sauna sweat out the body’s toxins and cleans naturally as it improves natural energy levels. Stay in the sauna for about five minutes when beginning and be sure to re-hydrate with water when you’re finished.


To get rid of all the toxins and poisons, you must detox your body. There’s no short-cut. If you’ve been drinking for a while and this is your first attempt, inpatient detoxification in a medically supported environment is a mandate. It’s a requirement.

But if you’ve just had too many and the night before is following you into the next day, these quick tips can be the right thing at the right time.