Valentine’s Day, a day for honoring romantic relationships, is almost here. Most people have made a million mistakes in relationships. They’ve expected too much. Or been competitive, maybe even suspicious.

Being self-aware is more valuable than being perfect in maintaining a healthy relationship. Relationships are not easy. They reflect everything we feel about ourselves, and when we’ve had a bad day, the people around us seem more difficult. When we’re not happy with ourselves, our relationships go lacking.

What makes a healthy, romantic relationship differs between couples. It takes time to form a trusting and positive partnership with another imperfect human being. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight; it takes work. In addition to leaving little love quotes for him, or her, here are some practical things to do to make sure yours stays a healthy relationship.

  1. Build Support and Loyalty — By Any Means Necessary

Great relationships move us to higher ground by asking for nothing other than our best. This takes 110% honesty even if it involves revealing a part of our lives about which we’re not happy. Boundaries with the opposite sex can become too informal. Amiability may create the appearance of availability, and other monsters can slip in if honesty is ignored.

  1. Regular Care and Nurturing of the Relationship

Every relationship needs care and consideration. Regarding the other person’s opinions and determining to treat them with delicacy since we’re all different means a lot. There is no cookie cutter path to a great connection, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula.

Feeding the relationship means both parties must agree to no surprises. No intrigues. Everything must be above board where it can be processed and utilized to develop the relationship.

  1. Check-In Daily

Daily check-ins are the connecting tissue of great relationships. Talking about the day’s best and worst, highs and lows, keeps the channels of conversation open and fresh. Talking is more powerful than ESP. If we assume our partner understands how we are, or everything we want, we are following a path to disaster. Maintaining open lines of communication gives a protected and natural place to reconnect.

  1. Continually Improve

Relationships are a process and don’t have to be precise to be celebrated. Growth comes from knowing the other partner better each day along with establishing new limits, solidifying unions, and together exploring new horizons.

  1. Forgiveness is an Art — Learn It

Everyone is going to mess up, make errors, and fall short. Great relationships demand that a couple learns how to confess and forget. Supporting your partner as he or she recovers after messing up makes a relationship stronger.

  1. It’s Playtime!

Making opportunities to play is crucial to maintaining a good relationship. It doesn’t matter if playtime is sitting outside at dusk, going to a concert or taking walks together; a relationship needs laughter and lightheartedness to flourish. Hitting the restore switch can happen when cooking a meal together, relaxing on the weekend or even just enjoying a regular date night. Couples that work on an open standard of caring will develop and thrive. Relationships are a journey each distinctive and unfolding.

A successful relationship isn’t built on love alone.