When Doctors Get Drunk

When California medical doctor Scott Greer submitted hair and urine samples to a Medical Board of California’s investigator, lab tests found signs of opiates and oxycodone — but no signs of alcohol.

A year later Greer was placed on probation for 7 years. His license suspended for 30 days and he agreed to restrictions including submitting to regular random alcohol and drug testing.

Two young children  died in 2003 after being killed by a drug-impaired...
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How to Get Sober When You Have a Dual Diagnosis

Getting sober is a challenge. Achieving sobriety when there is a co-occurring issue makes the process more difficult. Substance abuse can mask mental illness. Mental illness may be conflated with addictive symptoms. Often, individuals with mental health problems don't adequately address their substance abuse as they don't think drinking or drugging is relevant to their problems.

The term ‘dual diagnosis' is used when an individual has...
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What Does Dizziness Have to do With Sobriety?

"I don't have a drinking problem," said Dean Martin. "I drink. I fall down. No problem."

The singer, movie actor and television celebrity who died on Christmas Day, 1995, was known publicly for his alcoholic "schtick." Behind the scenes, Martin seldom drank. What you saw in his glass was apple juice, according to his long-time comedy partner Jerry Lewis.

Towards the end of his life though, it was a different story. Martin let all restraint...
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