6 Apps to Sobriety

When I stopped drinking 30-some years ago, I did it the old fashioned way. I looked in the Yellow Pages under Alcoholics Anonymous, called the number and asked where the nearest meeting was.

Walking in, I didn't know anyone. Looking around, I'd find the ubiquitous coffee pot and then a seat.

Afterward, I'd hang out a few minutes, meet some people and leave.

If today's technology had been around, things would've been a lot...
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Addicted to Talking?

There is an old joke about people who talk a lot: “Do you know the 12-Step program for people who talk a lot? On and On Anon!”

The joke recognizes that fact that incessant talking is a common addiction.

Non-stop talking is about using others for...
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When Are You Too Old to Get Sober

Pop was an old man when he died. He was 83. I still miss him. I'm 61. Pop had over 50 years sobriety behind him when he passed. He was a co-founder of the Twelve Step Group in the little Virginia mountain town where I grew up.

Because of him, I lived and breathed AA as a kid. We said grace every night before dinner, and once the food was blessed, we flowed unimpeded into the...
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Disability and the Affects on Your Sobriety & Mental Health

Substance abuse and addiction are often qualifying events for someone to receive disability benefits. Social security recognizes that using illicit substances and being addicted to alcohol can trigger medical and mental conditions that won’t be reversed simply by not abusing substances.

When a person achieves sobriety and begins a program of recovery, they are often listed as having a disability by state agencies.

Living with a disability takes a heavy...
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Staying Sober In Spite of Having an Impulse Control Disorder

An impulse is a sudden urge to act. Often, impulsivity causes little harm. At other times impulsive behavior can be intense, out of the ordinary and uncontrollable.

For people new to sobriety, life can be challenging enough. An impulse control issue just makes recovery that much harder — but there is help.

Impulse control disorder, ICD, is a serious condition that can be harmful to the person with the condition as well as those around them. Often,...
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