One thought on “Insights and Quips from The Art of Not Falling Apart

  • June 21, 2018 at 9:48 pm

    Well, better late than never, I guess. People like she used to be have made it a grueling swim against the backwash of conformists.

    She is, however, finally catching on to some motives for breeding. Here are mine that I post from time to time.

    Reasons for the need to breed:
    * “It just seemed like the thing to do. ”
    * “We never gave it much thought. ”
    * “Too much wine with Thanksgiving dinner.”
    Negligent using birth control.
    Thinking birth control would spoil the spontaneity. (Unlike having a baby.)
    Needing “someone to love me” and manufacturing a person “to love me”. (How sick is that?)
    Carrying on my name/legacy/ego.
    To ‘cement our bond’. (And tighten the trap on my partner.)
    To fix a failed relationship. (Yeah, *that’ll* work. Heh.)

    Asterisks mark the ones I heard people in the room speak, when I asked in a class “Why do people have children?” , and the teacher asked the room, “Why did you have children?” and people who wanted to answer did.
    None of them speak well to ANY higher motives or purposes or, evolving either the human race or the individuals involved, or any careful planning (as in “PLANNED Parenthood”), but do reek of thoughtlessness and selfishness.

    Best e-card on facebook said: Breeders call childfree people selfish? Ask a parent why they had children, and their answer will start with “I WANTED…”


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