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Does This Smart, Accomplished Feminist Have a Problem with Single Women?

Caryl Rivers – a notable professor, author, feminist, and cultural critic – has a problem with what the Atlantic magazine has to say about women:

“The venerable magazine regularly publishes thoughtful reporting and analysis about the Middle East, U.S. politics, the future of China, the global economy, climate change — on and on. It’s only when the publication gazes on the 50 percent of the population that is not male that it wanders off into Cloud cuckoo land.”

The first half of Rivers’ essay takes on the writings of Caitlin Flanagan who, Rivers notes, “advocates for a very retro style of marriage. She believes husbands should be in charge and women accommodating.” I love that part of the essay. It is brilliant and hilarious.

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Does This Smart, Accomplished Feminist Have a Problem with Single Women?

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  1. Sometimes people slip up and their real opinions come out. It will be interesting to see how she defends this one.

  2. Sounds like Rivers’ circle of women friends has been whittled down solely to married ones. If any divorce, she’s probably one of those that dismisses their thoughts when they say they don’t want to be set up on blind dates, that they’re happy being alone. I’m sure she knows some, she just refuses to believe it.

  3. “Neither men nor women need a spouse to have sex without stigma or shame.”

    Absolutely disgusting. What about the results of that casual sex: the children? What about them. Children, in case you weren’t aware, are not raised by money, but by parents. Even if the day came that women earned more money than men they would still need men to raise children – children are not plants. It is not a job one person can do alone – at least not properly. Men, in all their years of “oppressing” and “dominating” and “thinking little” of women never made the mistake of thinking they could raise well adjusted human beings on their own.

    Please stop the selfishness. Think about the generations yet to come!

  4. There is something called “birth control” and another thing called “sterilization” which might be relevant here…

  5. “I’m sure she knows some, she just refuses to believe it.”
    I agree!!


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