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The Many Ways to Be Agentically Single: Guest Post by Kristen Bernhardt

[Bella’s intro: For far too long, single life has been neglected by scholars who instead pour all their energy and attention into the study of marriage. So when I learn about new scholars who are studying single life, I am delighted. That is especially true when their work is superb. That was my impression of a thesis, “Party of One,” by Kristen “Edie” Bernhardt. It inspired me to spend some time updating my knowledge of...
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What’s Fair Play in College Admissions? Guest Post by Rebecca Zwick

Bella’s intro: Thinking about going to college? Have kids or relatives or friends who are? Welcome to the nerve-racking process of applying to colleges then waiting for those fateful decision letters. If any of those letters are rejections, you may wonder about the fairness of it all. How do colleges and universities decide who to admit? How should they decide? What counts as fair?

In an important new book, likely to be regarded as the definitive...
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