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How we live now

Getting Judged and Feeling Judged: National Survey of Single and Married Mothers

The past decades have ushered in many big demographic changes in the One of the most striking is the rise of single parenting. Recent estimates indicate that more than 40 percent of the women who give birth are not married.

As single parenting is becoming more commonplace, is it also becoming less stigmatized? Do single mothers feel judged? Don’t married mothers feel judged, too?

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Do You Discount Single People’s Good Behaviors and Good Deeds?

The science of single life has demonstrated numerous ways single people are doing better than married people. There are some laudable behaviors they engage in more often, and some good deeds they are more likely to perform. For example, single people exercise more than married people do. They also volunteer for most kinds of organizations more often than married people do. (An exception is religious organizations – married people volunteer more often for those.)

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